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5 Things Women Do That Make Their Man Call Them ‘Crazy’

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5 Things Women Do That Make Their Man Call Them 'Crazy'

5 Things Women Do That Make Their Man Call Them ‘Crazy’


All men who have spent a significant amount of time with a female in their life will testify on ten bibles that some of the behaviors exhibited by said female have led them to believe that she is inexorably and demonstrably crazy. Why do men always come to this conclusion? Is it because women are actually time-release capsules of psychotic energy? Can these phenomena be attributed to gender roles? Or, is there a fundamental difference in the psychology at work within the male and female specimen? To answer these questions, I have harkened upon the doors of wisdom to help identify and explain 5 of the most common occurrences of what men deem “crazy” in the female gender.

5 Things Women Do That Make Men Call Them 'Crazy


Reason 1: Too Calm
During an argument, it is common for the male to get physically excited or aggressive. This is how he shows he cares. When the woman does not respond in kind, it makes the male angrier as it seems that she does not feel as passionately about the subject as he. In reality, the woman is usually taking things just as seriously, it’s just that the female body handles aggression differently (Campbell, 1994). For men, losing one’s cool signifies caring, for women losing control means exactly that, no control. By forcing themselves to remain calm, women are exerting the same type of control a man does by turning red in the face and screaming.
Reason 2: Hallucinating Smells and Sounds
Women have evolved in the role of the protector. In service of this role women developed acute hearing to keep track of children, but also to detect changes in the nest (Pease & Pease, 2004). This type of adaptation is not unique to hearing. Women have also evolved an acute smell-alarm function which allows them to detect changes in the air quality which might signal fire or poison. These inherited functions then set off many false-alarms that usually go undetected by males.

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Reason 3: She Moved in and Went Nuts!
In the not-so-recent past, women didn’t go crazy until marriage. Now that society has loosened up a bit, you might start seeing that crazy a bit sooner. The finish line may have changed, but the chase continues. If the female in your life has suddenly turned into an unholy jealous, mean, angry monster there is a good chance that you are getting payback for what you didn’t know she was going through during the courtship (Newcomb, 2014). There is a lot of pressure from society for a female to remain mysterious and hard to get for as long as possible, and it takes a toll. Unfortunately, the harder it is for them, the harder it is for their mate when they finally feel safe enough to let it out. I’m not saying there isn’t some genuine crazy bottled up in there too, but you won’t know either way until you get to that point.
Reason 4: Fluctuating Emotions
A man’s body chemistry stays pretty level compared to a woman’s, although we have our days. When you factor in menstrual cycles, the effects of birth control, and pregnancy, well, we should really be giving our ladies medals for keeping the swings and breakdowns to a minimum.
Reason 5: Casual C and Lifetime Commitmentloseness
Women can be just as needy as men, they just go about it a little differently. While a man is scouring for love-making wherever he can get it, a woman may be scouring for a mate wherever she can find him. This is why one night stands sometimes come with a surreal morning after that feels very much like the married life. The female has lost her physical leverage, so she wrongly puts on her idealized relationship persona resulting in much awkwardness, and sometimes free bacon.


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