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10 Things That May Ruin A Woman’s Fertility

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10 Things That May Ruin A Woman's Fertility

10 Things That May Ruin A Woman’s Fertility

Fertility is a sensitive topic. Women are especially prone to having fertility problems, but it affects men as well. Couples trying to conceive need to consider the things that may be hindering their ability to have a child. Being mindful of the fertility issues that could be affecting you can lead to an easier conception and a healthy pregnancy.

10 Things That May Ruin A Woman's Fertility


A healthy diet is imperative for pregnancy. If you eat takeout, fried foods and have very little nutritional substance in your diet, you might need to take a step back and evaluate what you can do to change it. Introducing nutrient-rich foods is the key component to conceiving. Try foods high in folic acid, omega-3’s and protein.


Psychiatric medications may be necessary, but they may also be affecting your fertility more than you realize. Long-term use of antidepressants may make it harder to conceive. Other medications can be to blame as well, but it’s hard to pinpoint which ones are the problem if you take more than a few. Talk to your doctor about your medications. It is important to mention that you want to start a family.

Being Overweight

Even though plenty of overweight women get pregnant, it can still hinder your efforts substantially. Being overweight increases the amount of estrogen in the body. This can lead to issues with ovulation.

An Autoimmune Disorder

Autoimmune disorders like lupus, multiple sclerosis and arthritis can certainly impact your efforts to have a baby. They cause excessive inflammation, and the medicines used to treat these conditions do not help matters.

A High-Stress Job

Being in any kind of high-stress environment is a signal to your body that now is not a great time to conceive. This can be challenging because you might need to keep your job in order to provide for your family, but your body doesn’t like the stress. If having a family is important, you may need to make serious life decisions in order to do so.

Smoking, Drugs And Alcohol

The above substances are harmful if you are pregnant, but they could also be the culprit for your inability to conceive. Even a few glasses of wine per week can stunt your fertility.

Your Age

It’s an unfortunate truth. Eggs reduce as you age, and this makes it more challenging to conceive.

Athletic Training

Exercise is important for a healthy body, but if you train to the extent of an athlete, you are going to have a difficult time conceiving. Lay off the box jumps until after you have a baby.


$e*u@lly transmitted infections can be a problem. If they are chronic or untreated, getting pregnant will be harder. They can also damage fertility permanently.

Genetic Factors

If your mother had trouble conceiving, you are more likely to have trouble with it too. Talk to your doctor about your options.

Fertility can be improved with diligence and attention to your body. Looking at your options and changing some lifestyle factors will definitely improve your chances of getting pregnant. As always, your physician can help you best with these decisions and concerns.

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