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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pubic Hair

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pubic Hair

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pubic Hair

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Ideas about hygiene and fashion vary widely by both time period and culture. Some people base their pubic hair grooming choices on hygiene, while others choose to groom for appearances. Here are some interesting things we discovered about pubic hair:

It used to be the stereotype that Europeans were more relaxed than Americans when it came to grooming their body hair. However, in 2009 the popular German news magazine Der Spiegel reported that young Germans of both genders were becoming increasingly obsessed with their pubic hair. It states that more and more young people consider their pubic hair unhygienic and go to drastic effort to remove it.

Japanese women rock the pubic hair in public. A recent survey questioned Japanese women of various ages about how they groom their pubic hair. Rocket News 24 reports that more than half of the woman who participated said that their pubic hair “grows thick.” They also state that it is common for women to go nude at hot springs in Japan, where many of them have their pubic hair on full display.

In other parts of Asia, women are actually having pubic hair transplants! According to Daily Mail, a medical condition called Pubic atrichosis causes the pubic area to be hairless. Apparently, many Asian women are suffering from this condition and resorting to pubic hair transplants to correct it.

Men don’t like their women fully shaved. Many women have been shaving because they believed men preferred it. This writer from Men’s Health was one of those women. To prove her point, she did her own survey, but shocked to discover both men and women, as well as the majority of young adults, all preferred some hair down there.

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The shaving trend had also become popular among men in recent years. The term for men shaving their body hair was called “man-scaping.” But some men, like this Buzz Feed writer, are fighting for their right to be hairy in all the right places.

Cameron Diaz endorses pubic hair. She discusses the bikini line in her book, The Body Book. In a section reportedly called “In Praise of Pubes,” Diaz uses flowery languages as she describes why women should value their pubic hair.

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Even mannequins sport pubic hair! It’s true. American Apparel made quite a statement when they unveiled their lingerie display window featuring mannequins in full bush.

Fear of hair is a real thing. It’s called chaetophobia. A famous artist and poet from the Victorian era, John Ruskin, had such an aversion to his wife’s pubic hair that he refused to consummate the marriage!

Pubic hair grooming could land you in the emergency room. A study from the journal Urology reports that over a period of eight years,nearly 12,000 people went to the ER for pubic hair removal accidents.

Your pubic hair could protect you from an infectious disease called Molluscum contagiosum. Doctors noticed that this disease, which is a type of pox, became more prevalent during periods when more people were shaving their pubic area.

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