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7 Worst Things To Say To An Overweight Person

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7 Worst Things To Say To An Overweight Person

7 Worst Things To Say To An Overweight Person

As a fellow and proud “chunky monkey”, I have a pretty calm attitude when it comes to my weight. But alas, there is always something to be said that hits me right in my little fat girl heart and sends me running to my emotional Reese’s Cups. Whether it’s at dinner with my own mother or trying on clothes with my best of friends, someone always slips up with the overweight comments. Here are a few of my favorite.

7 Worst Things To Say To An Overweight Person

1. “Oh my God, I am so fat.”

Chances are, if you fit into a size 6 pants, and you weigh less than one of my thighs alone, you probably shouldn’t be looking me in the eyes and telling me what a cow you are. If you’re looking for fat sympathy from an overweight person, you might just be a complete idiot.

2. “Maybe you should work out.”

How do you know that I don’t work out already? Maybe my “big boned syndrome” is stemmed from a hereditary thyroid problem, in which case it’s not, but you don’t know that. You definitely have no right to suggest me an exercise regimen, considering I never even asked you for one. I don’t remember even complaining about my physical appearance in the first place.

3. “Are you losing weight?”

No, I’m not losing weight and we both know that. I know it’s hard to believe, but I actually don’t walk around all day worrying about my appearance. Instead of projecting your insecurities, why not stick to something more generic, like the weather?

4. “I don’t think it’ll fit you.”

If I compliment on your new dress, please don’t nervously assume that I want to borrow it. I am not blind nor delusional and believe it or not, I thoroughly understand that we are two very different clothing sizes.

5. “But you have such a pretty face and beautiful hair.”

Well thank you for the very directive compliment, now you have officially made it more awkward by leaving out 90% of my physical body from your “pretty” scale. I happen to think that all of me is beautiful.

6. “Have you ever heard about Weight Watchers?”

No, I am the only human being on the planet that doesn’t own a radio, computer, or television. Of course I have heard of weight watchers. I have also heard of the Atkins diet, counting macros, clean eating, and the Paleo lifestyle. I’m just really enjoying not starving myself right now. No, I do not eat McDonald’s for breakfast, Wendy’s for lunch, and Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner (at least not often) and I do eat lettuce occasionally.

7. “You’re not even that big.”

Not even that big? Well, you’re not even that small. It may seem like such a harmless thing to say while out shopping with close friends, but this one hits specifically close to my chubby childhood soft spot in my heart. What does that even mean? Either you’re big or you’re not, but regardless, size doesn’t matter in the truth of self love, respect, and worth.

The big moral of the story, is just don’t ever mention anyone’s weight to them personally. Ever. It is inappropriate on all levels, and the effects can seem harmless to be outside or speaking them. But to an overweight person, any or all of these comments can have a slow, diminishing effect on their confidence. Fat people already know they’re fat. Just me, we do not need you all reminding us awkwardly out of concern every five minutes. So, please just stop.

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