Ice Cream Hacks That Will Take Your Life To The Next Level

Ice Cream Hacks That Will Take Your Life To The Next Level

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…ice cream hacks!

Warning: the following tips are seriously life-changing. Seriously. It turns out that the ice cream scooper makes absolutely no sense, and that there are way more intelligent methods to scoop out ice cream. Is your mind blown yet? Good. Something like ice cream is way too important not to be taken seriously, and these tips are from people who obviously appreciate the sweet treat for all it’s worth.

Just relax and free your mind. Get ready to elevate your ice cream game, making you the sweetest, creamiest friend in the land.

ice cream 1

Run a sharp knife under hot water and cut a checkerboard one inch deep in the ice cream

ice cream 1

Make an Ice Cream Sandwich

ice cream 2

Keep Ice Cream soft in a bag



Cookie Bowl



Ice Cream-Frosted Cupcakes



Pre-Scoop Ice Cream for a party and keep in the freezer

ice cream 6

Cut Ice Cream with a knife

ice cream 7

Create an Oreo topping

ice cream 8

Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Sandwich

ice cream 9

Oreo Ice Cream Combo

ice cream 10

Make Ice Cream into Bread

ice cream 11

Finish an almost-gone jar of Nutella with Ice Cream

ice cream 12

Keep Ice Cream drips off your hand

ice cream 13