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What 7 Nutritionists Eat for Breakfast Each Morning

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What 7 Nutritionists Eat for Breakfast Each Morning

What 7 Nutritionists Eat for Breakfast Each Morning

Many believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Others disagree. However, having enough energy and nutrition to begin the day and maintain stable blood sugars requires a balanced meal first thing in the morning. If desiring to change from a current menu with a few creative ideas, consider what professional registered dieticians deem healthy start-ups.

What 7 Nutritionists Eat for Breakfast Each Morning

Katie Cavuto

Living a busy life that includes serving as nutrition specialist for the Flyers and the Phillies, Cavuto prefers preparing something fast, simple but healthy for breakfast. Some of her choices include hard-boiled or scrambled eggs, fresh fruit or a smoothie, vegetable or chicken frittatas.

Kristin Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick serves as the wellness manager for the Cleveland Wellness Institute. Nutrition combined with weight management are the professional’s method of fighting disease. She often starts her day with an egg sandwich but prefers the whole grains of a wheat English muffin. Accompanying this fast and easy breakfast, she chooses two cups of coffee as an energy boost.

Joy Bauer

Bauer’s credentials include serving as the health expert for the NBC “Today” show. She also established “NourishSnacks.” Since weekdays mornings often mean running out the door to keep up with a busy schedule, she prefers grabbing something readily available and quick. Greek yogurt or a bag of NourishSnacks are a couple of her daily choices. For an interesting change of pace, she mixes the snacks with the yogurt.

Jaclyn London

Her busy professional life includes being the senior clinical dietician at the renowned Mount Sinai Hospital. A combination of fiber and lean protein comprise her preferred breakfast. However, something portable and fast are also prerequisites. The night before, London mixes oats and unsweetened almond milk. In the morning, cinnamon and chia seeds are added. Just before eating, she might also stir in fresh fruit for a nutritious and balanced meal. Other complete meal choices include frozen whole-grain waffles prepared with nut butter, sliced fruit and chia seeds.

Michelle Davenport

Having a doctorate in nutrition, Davenport consults with clients in Silicon Valley. She too prefers to start her mornings with a fast, but complete meal that commonly includes protein, carbohydrates, fats and fiber. A breakfast parfait made with Greek yogurt, berries and almonds is one of her delightful favorites. Alternately, zucchini pancakes made with eggs and shredded zucchini also might be on the menu.

Keri Glassman

As a regular contributor to “Women’s Health,” Glassman also believes in the importance of a healthy breakfast. She quickly assembles meals that contain carbohydrates, fats and protein, which ensures having enough lasting energy. One of her fast-food specialties might include a slice of toast topped with mashed avocado, a scrambled egg and sliced tomato.

Shelly Marie Redmond

Fiber and protein are also the primary ingredients of this busy professional’s first meal of the day. The combination not only provides a fulfilling breakfast, but also helps maintain bowel regularity. She chooses a half-cup of a high-fiber, cold cereal mixed with Greek yogurt. A couple of turkey sausages plus the diary provide adequate amount of protein.

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