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Prevention is Quite Better Than Cure for Cervical Cancer

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Prevention is Quite Better Than Cure for Cervical Cancer
Prevention is Quite Better Than Cure for Cervical Cancer

According to the World Health Organization, cervical cancer is the reason for the death of around 2, 70,000 women around the world every year. It is the second most common cancer followed by breast cancer among women.  

Cause of cervical cancer

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is the main cause of cervical cancer.
Out of 100 Human Papillomaviruses (a group of viruses considers as the main cause of cervical cancer), 13 are considered high-risk types. Two types of viruses cause around 70 percent of the deadliest cancer types.

Most romantically active women are prone to get infected by these deadly viruses. These viruses transmit when you are romantically active. Simple skin-to-skin contact is enough to get infected. 

Prevention at your hand

– Use of condoms 

Love-making is the main reason for the transmission of HPV. The virus transmits with skin-to-skin touch during love-making. Use of condoms can prevent the transmission of these viruses.  

– Say no to tobacco

Saying no to smoking can keep you away from cervical cancer. It can make the case worst when you continue to consume tobacco and have cervical cancer at the same time. Secondhand smoke can create a conducive environment for the transmission of HPV. 

What Every WOMAN Need To Know About Cervical Cancer

– Put a cap on the number of love partners

More the number of love partners you have, more likely you are to get infected by HPV. 

– Keep negligence at bay 

Whenever you detect some abnormality related to symptoms of cervical cancer. You need to consult a doctor. An early stage cancer can be potentially detected and cured.  

Medical measures 


The screen is nothing but a test for pre-cancer and cancer treatments. Frequent Screening is highly recommended to a group of women aged between 30 and 49. Screening can detect pre-cancerous lesions that can be cured with medication.   

Pap (Papanicolau) tests

Who can go through pap tests?

Making love is the main criterion for going through the Pap test. All women aged from 18 to 70 are recommended to go through this test. Lesbians and women who have had HPV vaccine are also recommended to go through Pap test.

Best time to go through Pap test

According to the National Cervical screening program, the best time for screening is the mid-period of the menstrual cycle.

Other screening test

VIA (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid) and HPV testing for high types are the other two types of screening methods for early detection of cervical cancer and prevention. 

HPV vaccination

HPV vaccines can prevent them before you have it. These vaccines can’t cure cervical cancer. It is recommended to go through vaccination quite before you have your first physical contact. 

There are two vaccines that are used for the prevention of cervical cancer. These two are meant for preventing two fatal HPV viruses known as HPV-16 and HPV-18. These two vaccines also prevent the transmission of other human papillomaviruses. 

According to the World Health Organization, girls aged from 9 to 13 should be vaccinated to prevent them from cervical cancer.  

Cervical cancer prevention methods range from the simple usage of condoms to high-end medical tests. Although terminal stage cures sometimes go in vain, it is quite possible to prevent cervical cancer in the early stage.  

Author bio:
Diana Smith is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. She had recently done some research on cervical and breast cancer as the most common women health problem. Useful information for this article has been kindly provided by condomsaustralia.net.au

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