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Unusual Uses For Rice

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Unusual Uses For Rice

Unusual Uses For Rice

Rice is a dietary staple all over the world, but did you know there are things you can do with it besides eating it? We often find small portions of rice in our cupboards and throw them away. You don’t have to throw them in the bin, here are some extraordinary and unusual uses for rice to help around the house:

unusual uses for rice

1. Prevent salt clumping
In humid areas we have problems with salt, it clumps together and gets stuck in the shaker. Put some rice in your salt shaker, which is a cheap and easy way to prevent clumping. The rice absorbs the moisture allowing the salt to pour freely, it works great!

2. Dry electronics
Almost everyone has accidentally spilled water near their cell phone or remote, or had it fall in a puddle, water quickly damages their delicate insides and it’s expensive to replace them. Next time remove the batteries and immediately place it in a container full of rice and leave it for several hours or overnight. The rice will absorb all the excess water and you should be good to go!

3. Make a heat wrap
Rice retains heat well, you can use it in a heat wrap. Take a sock or pouch and fill it with rice, then put it in the microwave for 30 second intervals until comfortably warm, not hot, and use it as a heat wrap around your neck, shoulders, back, or knees, wherever you need it. Rice conforms to shape as needed and it smells awesome when heated.

4. Clean dirty containers
Clean plastic kitchen ware with rice! Pour an inch into the bottom, cover with 2 inches water and close container tightly. Shake the container well and the rice will scrub the inside, removing all the dirt.

5. Clean your coffee/spice grinder
Use rice to rescue your grinder from coffee or spice dust and grease. Run some rice through the grinder and it will remove all the dirt and dust. This is a great way to keep your coffee grinder clean without complications.


6. Clean unusually shaped bottles or small vases
Some bottles and vases are shaped so that it’s not possible to insert your hand to clean it. Pour in 2 tablespoons rice with some warm water and let it soak for 15 minutes, shake it well and pour it out. Rinse with water then use your clean bottle or showcase your vase.

7. Check the temperature of your cooking oil
Want to know if your oil is ready to deep-fry? Here is a trick, drop a piece of rice into the oil, if it pops to the surface and starts cooking the oil is ready for frying. This works better than a deep-fry thermometer!

8. Ripen fruit faster
Fresh fruit not ripening? Store it in a container of rice to speed the ripening process. Make sure to check it twice a day so that it doesn’t get too ripe. You can also cook fruit with rice.

9. Get wonderful skin
Use leftover rice water to enhance your natural beauty. Keep it in your refrigerator and let it cool. Wash your skin with the water every 3 days for lovely, glowing results. For better results use brown rice as it’s high in vitamin E.

10. DIY glue
Make your own glue using rice! Boil white rice until it degrades and releases starch. Your glue is ready to use.

11. Sharpen blender blades
Has your blender stopped crushing ice cubes? Pour one-half cup rice into your blender and pulse for 2 minutes. This will sharpen the blades and you will be able to crush ice without problems.

12. Dog triage
If your dog has eaten anything he/she should not have feed them a cup of cooked rice. This will soothe it’s stomach. If your dog has eaten anything poisonous or does not improve see your vet.

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