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10 Most Effective Ways To Take Care Of Your Kidneys

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10 Most Effective Ways To Take Care Of Your Kidneys

10 Most Effective Ways To Take Care Of Your Kidneys


Healthy kidneys are important to our bodies, they help remove toxins and waste through urine. Our kidneys are designed so that filtration capacity naturally declines by 10% after the age of 30. Here are some effective ways to take care of your kidneys and keep them healthy:

  • Limit salt

Excess salt is bad for your kidneys and blood pressure. According to Dr. Montemayor it doesn’t matter how much you dilute soup with water, eventually you will be taking in all the salt. If you are eating instant noodles (don’t, by the way) use half the seasoning and water. Excess salt can encourage your body to retain water which increases your blood pressure thereby damaging your kidneys.


Doctors advise drinking at least 8 glasses of water everyday, but it depends on your age and condition. If you sweat a lot and work hard you need more than 8 glasses. If you are over 65 six glasses should be enough. Drinking plenty of water will help prevent painful kidney stones.


Avoid sugar, soda, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, and trans fats. Switch to natural salt and butter from raw cream. Artificial sugars are harmful to your kidneys.


Smoking and excess alcohol will make your kidneys work harder to remove toxins which makes your kidneys weak. Try to quit smoking completely and limit alcohol consumption to 2 small drinks for men and 1 small one for women.

10 Most Effective Ways To Take Care Of Your Kidneys

  • Eat healthy

Choose a balanced diet to ensure your body gets essential vitamins and minerals. Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. Avoid fatty and salty food.


  • Reduce stress

When you are stressed your body releases hormones that adversely affect your organs including the kidneys. It weakens kidneys and increases blood pressure. Avoid stress and try to practice meditation that helps keeping you stress-free.


  • Regular exercise

The major causes of kidney disease are hypertension and diabetes. Regular exercise can help you stay and feel fit, it will help control your weight which will reduce your risk for high blood pressure and help prevent kidney disease.

10 Natural Treatments for Kidney Stones and Prevention

  • Watch your weight

If you are overweight you are at higher risk for kidney stones and renal cancer. Per researchers at Johns Hopkins University, obesity doubles your risk for developing kidney stones. Avoid junk food, keep extra pounds off, and improve your kidney health.


  • Spirulina

Spirulina helps protect your kidneys. The kidneys are one of the first organs to be adversely affected by to radiation. Researchers say spirulina helps protect them from the nephrotoxicity of cancer treatments, antibiotics, and analgesics.


  • Limit use of pain killers and other drugs

Per Dr. Montemayor using painkillers can damage your kidneys. Use them only as needed. Let your kidneys rest after taking them before taking other medicines. People with chronic pain can try heat therapy and pain-relieving ointments to relieve pain. Some antibiotics can damage your kidneys, use them with caution.


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