Symptoms of Stomach Ulcers & Easy Treatment Options

Watch for other symptoms of ulcers that sufferers have reported. All of these symptoms don’t occur for all people, but you may experience a combination of any of them.

• An increase in the amount of gas and burping.
• A feeling of fullness and an inability to drink a lot of liquids.
• Being hungry a couple of hours after eating a meal.
• Mild nausea, most common on first waking in the morning.
• An overall feeling of being tired and not feeling well.
• Loss of appetite.
• Weight loss.

Recognize the symptoms of a severe ulcer. If left untreated, ulcers can cause internal bleeding and other problems, leading to a medical emergency.

• Vomiting, especially if blood is present, can be an indication of advanced ulcers.
• Dark, tarry, or pasty stool may also be a sign of severe ulcers.
• Bloody stools.