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Simple Trick to Treat the Cold or Flu

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Simple Trick to Treat the Cold or Flu

So, in spite of all your efforts to live a healthy life, you have come down with flu. Or your partner has, or your child has, so what now? Here is a simple trick that will help your body get back on track the natural way. Here’s to good health and feeling as good as you can!

As described by Dr. Mercola in the video, to get rid of the cold and flu symptoms you only need a few drops of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Several members of the PositiveMed community have used this trick and they all confirmed this worked for them. Also we had some emails that people have successfully used similar trick for removing ear wax.

For 22 household uses of hydrogen peroxide, check out this article.

Simple Trick to Treat the Cold or Flu

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