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8 Tricks to Boost Your Self-Esteem

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8 Tricks to Boost Your Self-Esteem

8 Tricks to Boost Your Self-Esteem

What we think of ourselves plays an important role influencing our behavior. It is important to feel good about yourself because when we feel confident it shows. Many of us fall into a self-esteem scarcity mode. It may be at work, at a party, or anywhere, even little things like a disagreement can hamper your self-esteem.

Mentioned below are some ways to boost your self-esteem:

1. Look good

This is one of the easiest ways to feel good about yourself. When we know we look good we feel more confident and happy. If you can’t do much else put on your favorite outfit that can turn heads. When you dress up you become more presentable and appealing. Looking good also gives you more control of the conversation and situation.


2. Be a winner

Our self-esteem dramatically rises when we achieve something. A good way to give yourself a boost is participation in a competition where you can do well. It can be a debate in your office or a game of chess. Small achievements increase your motivation and make you feel positive about yourself.

be a winner

3. Focus on your strengths

Take some time to focus on your strengths and write them on a piece of paper. Doing this will make you aware of how strong you are and increases your self-confidence. Appreciate your qualities and try to add more. Doing this will shift your focus away from your weaknesses and give you more control over yourself.

Focus on your strengths

4. Do a good deed

We often feel good when we do something to help others. It can be a simple thing like helping an carrying bags for a pregnant woman or a gift to a charity. Helping others improves the aura around you and makes you feel better. This also increases your positivity which improves your self-esteem.


5. Link to stars

This one is a bit silly but might work for you. Look at your favorite celebrity and try to find similarities between you. While this link is purely coincidental and your favorite celebrity does not know you, linking yourself to them is a big favor for your ego.

8 Tricks to Boost Your Self ESteem

6. Do things you enjoy

When we feel low we start losing self-confidence. This is when you should do something that makes you happy. Pursue your hobbies and do what you enjoy doing the most. This might be playing golf or reading a book. Enjoying your hobbies makes you feel happy from the inside and reinforces your self-esteem.

Do what you enjoy

7. Stop comparing yourself

People often compare anything and everything related to them with others. In this comparison we never seem to win because there is always someone who is better than us. If you can’t resist comparison, compare you with yourself and see how far you have come. This will help you become a better person with each passing day and will satisfy your self-esteem.

Stop comparing yourself

8. Challenge yourself

Most of us have things we think of doing but never actually do. It might be joining a martial arts class or taking sky diving lessons. Stop procrastinating and do these things thereby challenging yourself. Once you do these things you feel more accomplished and self-confident.

Challenge yourself

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