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The 9 Least Stressful Jobs of 2013

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The 9 Least Stressful Jobs of 2013

We work according to our capabilities to earn our livelihood. Stress is an integral part of almost every job. We want our jobs to be stress-free but few achieve this. In today’s highly competitive and dynamic work environment it becomes difficult to sustain in the market which adds to work-related stress. This is not necessarily a bad thing, there are still some jobs that are not very stressful. Here is a list of some less stressful jobs:

1. University Professor
Professors are responsible for educating the students who attend their classes. The best part about this job is that it is not evaluated on the basis of pre-defined standards. University professors have the chance to earn tenure, which ensures they remain employed for their lifetime. Median salary of this profession is $62,050.

2. Tailors
Tailors stitch clothes for people based on their taste and specifications. By paying attention to details they can display much of their talent. In a fashionable society their skilled job becomes more valuable so they are usually paid well. Median salary of tailors is $25,850.

3. Medical Records Technician
The duty of these technicians is to maintain data records for medical practitioners and physicians. In the growing field of medicine this job has a promising future. Median salary of this profession is $32,350.


4. Jeweler
Jewelers deal with precious and expensive elements so they usually are assured a good income. They usually work in workshops away from public exposure. Many pursue entrepreneurship and buy and sell precious metals for earning a profit. Their median salary is $35,170.

5. Medical Lab Technicians
They usually work in research labs analyzing various samples. They have the freedom to work at their own pace and are not get distracted by dealing with the general public. Their median salary is $46,680.

6. Audiologists
This profession has huge growth prospects in the future. They care for customers who are hearing impaired. Many audiologists run their own practice and work at their convenience. Their median salary is $66,660. This is one of the most sought-after jobs in the US.


7. Dietitians
In the constant battle for better health, dieticians in the US have a bright future. By helping people learn how to eat better they earn a good living. Dieticians work with people from different age groups and backgrounds to prepare diet plans that suit them. Their median salary is $53,250.

8. Librarian
A library can be a peaceful place to be, imagine how peaceful the job of librarian would be. For people who love books and reading, this is a lucrative job. With unlimited access to knowledge, this is one of the most stress-free careers. Librarians have many working opportunities at schools, universities, and public libraries. The median salary is $54,500.

Drill Press Operator

9. Drill Press Operator
For those who want to be in the manufacturing industry, a drill press operator is a desirable job. This profession involves handling heavy drills but there is very little danger for the operator. Drill operators have the freedom to work in their own peace and comfort. Their median salary is $31,910.

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