How Birth Order Affects Child’s Personality

How Birth Order Affects Child’s Personality

Studies have found that firstborn children have better intelligence quotient and are often staunch believers in perfection. Second babies are more outgoing and open to change. Experts say the reason for better scores of second children is the experience gained by parents raising the eldest child.

Middle children are often found taking things easy as they do not have much pressure from their parents to do anything. They often complain when they have to wear clothes from their elder siblings or are compared to them. They remain calm and sometimes act as a bridge between the youngest and eldest sibling.

Birth Order Affects Personality 2

The time difference between births of children also impacts personality. When the difference between the births of two children is longer the elder sibling often develops feelings of jealousy and rivalry. Experts suggest the adequate difference between two children should be around 3 years. This much time makes the body of the mother ready for the next birth and the elder sibling starts understanding things. Accepting the younger sibling is also easier in the initial 2-3 years. Once the difference between births increases, it becomes difficult for the elder sibling to accept the younger one.

The above mentioned views are generalized and there will be exceptions to them. Studies are ongoing into this area of personality.