10 Things You Should Never Do While On Your Period

10 Things You Should Never Do While On Your Period

Let’s face it. When that time of the month rolls around, we can feel like we’re going out of our minds. On top of the typical stressors of work, family and daily life, we also get to deal with bloating, nausea, cravings and worst of all, cramps. Every month, I find myself heading online in search of some miracle breakthrough in period relief, but unfortunately there’s been no new advancements and I’m stuck grappling with my hot water bottle and a chocolate bar.

10 Things You Should Never Do While On Your Period

Everyone has their own ways with coping, but here are 10 things you should never do while on your period:

1. Cook

You’re hungry. You’re probably starving. In fact, you’re probably trying to look up the word for the sensation that is a mix between a craving for killer Chinese food and nausea. But if you’re on your period, don’t put yourself through the hassle of cooking a large meal. When you do your grocery shopping the week before your monthly visitor is expected to drop by, pick up some frozen dinners or anything else that can be prepared in under 10 minutes. The sooner you get some grub and are back under the covers watching Netflix, the better.

2.Exercise Rigorously

While it’s true some physical activity can lead to reduced menstrual pain, exercising a lot while on your period will just leave you sweaty, exhausted and feeling terrible. Extreme exercise frequently can also lead to the loss of one’s period, which probably doesn’t sound like such a bad thing at the moment, but take my word on this one and kick off those running shoes.

3.Binge Eat

This is never a good idea, but when you’re on your period, shoving in your go-to guilty pleasure is even more of a no-no than usual. You’ll experience even more bloating, and while your period will leave in a few days, all that extra sugar, fat and calories won’t.