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12 Invisible Signs That You’re In Love

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12 Invisible Signs That You're In Love

12 Invisible Signs That You’re In Love

Being loved and loving back is a beautiful feeling. It takes courage to tell that special someone how you feel about them. There are invisible signs that speak about your feelings of love. Mentioned below is a list of them:

1. They keep your stuff
A pen that doesn’t work, an old t-shirt, or ticket stubs are things that usually people do not keep, especially if they belong to someone else. If someone has kept such things of yours, it means they like to think about you in your absence which is a clear indication towards feelings for you.

2. They always have time for you
Time is a precious thing in today’s world. If someone always has time for you no matter how tight their schedule is and how busy they are, it means they consider you special and are ready to give anything to spend time with you.

3. Their family knows your birthday
If you are getting birthday wishes from the family members of someone, it means you are being discussed in their family. Often the birthday of someone we love becomes a carnival for us and we get excited to make it special. Their family members are often involved in the preparations and that is how they also remember your birthday.

Signs That You're In Love

4. They treat you like a child
We often care very much for those we love. If someone is reminding you about the importance of wearing a seatbelt or to eat avocado to keep your nutrition up, it may mean they are falling for you. Be cautious when you approach someone based on this indication.

5. Photos
Photos taken with love are pleasing and loved. People who love you keep your photos in which you do not even look good. For them, this badly focused picture of you is better than a cover model.

6. You become more charming with them
Because they are falling for you they respond to your actions and words in an overwhelming way. This makes you more charming when you are with them.

7. They forget to eat
They might say “I’m hungry lets grab something,” and when you get it, they forget to eat while chitchatting with you.


8. They get you gifts
Gifts represent affection and attachment to someone. If you are getting gifts from someone without any reason it can mean you are more than just a friend to them.

9. You become a business client for them
When you plan something with them they never say things like, “let’s do it next week,” or sometime later. They immediately open their calendar and block a slot that suits you.

10. They do things just to catch your eye
We often like to get the attention of the people we like, some people try a bit too hard to get it, especially if they are falling for you. This makes them do unnecessary things just to be noticed by you.

11. They always reply
We often forward emails and texts to everyone in our list, however if you just had a reply to a silly email or text sent by you its a sign that even your forwards are awesome for someone.

12. Your words have value
People often value the words of their loved ones. Someone who is falling in love with you will never put on something that you disliked in the past and will try to stick to stuff you have praised. Such behavior is enough to know that you are being loved by someone secretly.sign language love you

By Divya Shree
Edited by Stephanie Dawson

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