Home DIY Tips 4 Natural Home Remedies for Dry Hair

4 Natural Home Remedies for Dry Hair

4 Natural Home Remedies for Dry Hair
4 Natural Home Remedies for Dry Hair

Natural Home Remedies for Dry Hair
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

Dry Hair  – I used to put all kind of treatments deep conditioning and other fancy salon treatments on my hair, and instead of fixing it they were just making it worse and it was really affecting my wallet, I would never imagine that the real and effective remedy was in my kitchen cupboards the whole time.

dry hair natural remedies

How can you fix dry hair woes at home? Try these natural ingredients for softer and more manageable locks.
These natural ingredients work perfect by themselves or combined, they work best when left in for at least 30 minutes before rinsing out completely and always massage your scalp while putting them on. To keep hair shiny, it is best to rinse with cool water.

Also shampooing less frequently also can prevent dry hair, as shampoos strip hair of natural oils and drinking lots of water can help too.

Olive oil:
Massage and let sit about 45 minutes before rinsing it off

Simply adding a teaspoon of vinegar to your final hair rinse can be effective in treating dry tresses.

Mixed with banana, mayonnaise or by itself, avocado serves as a strong “mask” to seal moisture into hair follicles.

Egg contains protein and lecithin that strengthen hair and add shine. Leave on for about 15 minutes, and use cool water to rinse.