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Top Fixes for Frizzy Hair

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Top Fixes for Frizzy Hair

Top Fixes for Frizzy Hair

Naturally curly hair is prone to dryness because of the structure of the hair. The natural oils produced by the scalp of those with curly/kinky hair are not able to travel all the way down the hair shaft due to the twists and turns of the curls. Dry hair is a set-up for breakage. Luckily, there are a great many homemade solutions that don’t involve a lot of chemicals or treatment. These recipes and suggestions work great on all types of hair.

Increase water intake and switch to alcohol-free hair products. If there’s NO interest in losing a current routine, simply switch to alcohol-free options, drink more water, and use cold water when washing hair. Cold or tepid water is brilliant for showering as it reduces energy and water use, makes hair and skin softer, and has been shown to increase metabolism!

Don’t towel-dry! Surprisingly enough, it roughs up the hair’s cuticle so that it won’t lie flat, which makes it look frizzy. Instead, gently press the water out of the hair – don’t twist or vigorously scrub at the hair, this will lead to breakage. One thing that can help with this process is a super absorbent towel, but it’s not required. They also say not to brush hair once it’s dry as it can stretch out the cuticle and cause breakage which leads to frizziness.

Don’t wash your hair every day. The natural oils from the scalp are the best for hair and are great frizz fighters. If your hair feels oily after a day of not washing, try a dry shampoo. Also try having the water tested to see if it’s hard or soft and needs treatment.

Heat damage can cause hair to look frizzy and frayed, protect the follicles with shea butter or cocoa butter mixed with coconut or olive oil before blow drying or using a straightener, also, try to only use a straightener on “dirty” hair – using straighteners on clean hair that’s stripped of its natural oils will lead to more heat damage.

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

Allowing hair to air dry eliminates the possibility of heat damage from a blow dryer, but it can still become frizzy from humidity. A great solution for this is rinsing the hair with carbonated or sparkling water, as it has a low pH level.

Will we ever tire of singing the praises of apple cider vinegar? Probably not. Once again, apple cider vinegar saves the day by preventing frizzy curls. The process is much the same as in number 5: wash hair as usual, give it a final rinse with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. Another great benefit to this rinse is a fantastic shine! Shiny AND frizz-free hair without harsh chemicals and smells? Sign me up!

Beer is another great rinse option, it replenishes moisture and dark beers often add nutrients as well. When doing this rinse, coat the hair with beer and let it sit for five to ten minutes then rinse hair with cold water until the smell is gone.

Oil is by far the best friend of those who wish to be frizz-free. Oils are a great sealer or conditioner. A hot oil treatment at home once a week can work wonders. Even a simple one such as: take one cup of olive or coconut oil heated until it’s pretty warm but not scalding hot, then rub it on the hair and cover it with a plastic cap or wrap in plastic wrap. Wrap a hot towel around it, leave on for 30 minutes, reheating the towel as needed (I suggest using a blow dryer to re-heat and then re-cover with a towel), coconut oil especially needs to be kept warm as it will otherwise return to being a solid. Then wash as usual, remembering to rinse with cold water. This can be done as often as one would like, though it is suggested about three times a week. Coconut oil always gets a vote because it actually penetrates the hair and if it’s bought in the food section it’s much cheaper than buying it in a hair care shop or pharmacy.

Cleanse with moisturizing shampoos or ones that contain milder surfactants and always follow up with a conditioner that moisturizes well and has protein. Use a water-based leave-in conditioner after your washing and conditioning routine, and seal it in with a shea butter or oil while damp or wet.

A good recipe for a natural conditioner is 1 cup mayonnaise and half an avocado mixed into a paste, rub into hair and cover with plastic, wrap a hot towel around it. Leave on for twenty minutes, then wash and rinse with cold water.

Be patient and gentle when “dealing with” hair. It can be a great asset and a happy, healthy scalp is a beautiful one.

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