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How to Stop Taking things Personally ( 6 Tips )

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How to Stop Taking things Personally ( 6 Tips )

How to Stop Taking things Personally ( 6 Tips )
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

People often end up overreacting to situations where something has been said about them or they took it the wrong way. Taking things personally is part of human nature. Its often easier to believe bad things than good things.

Here are 6 ways to stop taking things personally:

1. Know that you are in control

You are the only one who controls your thoughts and actions. If someone comments about you or something related to you, don’t take it to heart, that is allowing someone else make you sad or control how you feel or react.

2. Focus on what you want

When we give attention to what other people say we can be diverted from what we want to do or achieve in life. Taking things personally disturbs your mind and heart which leads to a reduction in effort that take you to your goals. Ask yourself what is more important to you, your goals or what others have to say about you. Focus on accomplishing what you want and use it as a tool to speak for you instead of getting into arguments.

How to Stop Taking things Personally ( 6 Tips )

3. When in doubt, ASK

Sometimes things we take personally are not even meant for us. If you are unhappy because of something said approach the person directly and clarify what exactly they meant. Communicating the right way at the right time can avoid confusion and misunderstandings which lead to personal differences. Ask for honest feedback and listen to it.

4. Be accompanied by good people

If you tend to take things personally and think that your friends make comments about you that you don’t like, stay away and surround yourself with people who are more supportive. Look for signs that tell you that its time to move on. If you find that negative comments and criticism has become an integral part of your social life, change your circle.

5. Take the lessons and leave the rest

If someone criticizes you or makes unkind comments about you, take those comments and criticisms as a motivating force and thank people for letting you know about your weaknesses and mistakes. Grasp the positive element of anything said, learn what you can, and leave it alone.

6. Talk to the hand

If you have tried everything but people are still unkind to you follow this technique: Stop paying attention to what they are saying, focus on what you do and be yourself. The underlying concept is that you cannot control the actions of others however you have full control over yourself. Don’t be embarrassed about something said about you and simply walk away.

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