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What Does It Mean to Be in Love?

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What Does It Mean to Be in Love?

What Does It Mean to Be in Love?

Many people know what is to be in love, for those who haven’t experienced it yet, they probably will. Some say that love is blind, dumb, and stubborn. Is there a limit for stupidity when you are in love? Pride, money, or dignity are lost in the fight against love. This article reviews 10 stupid things you can do in the name of love.

Some people think that being in love means their world revolves around the other person. They sacrifice body and soul often forgetting family and old friends. They feel they don’t need anybody else and they are self-sufficient in their magical tour of love. If you feel that you don’t need to see any friends or family, reconsider what type of relationship you’re in, a possessive one or healthy one.

What Does It Mean to Be in Love?

When you are in a relationship you start making decisions for both, because any action affects each other. Making decisions requires dual action, not overloading all the responsibilities on one. Some leave their dreams behind for chasing dreams with other people. Some lose opportunities such as a new job or moving to another city or country because they don’t want to leave the other person. Some opportunities never come back while people might come and go. True love is not selfish.

Some people think that its not wise to lend money to a friend because it ruins the friendship. Having economic problems is one thing, asking your partner to solve them is another. If your partner asks you to lend them money, the best thing you can do is to give the money expecting no return if you can afford it. Money issues in any relationship can turn peace into chaos.

Sometimes people drag themselves into situations where they lose their dignity for being with someone. In the end, they are often devastated for giving it all for nothing. Insults, humiliation, aggression, infidelities, or any degrading situation can be done in the name of love.

Being with someone who cannot stay faithful can be hurtful and humiliating. Think carefully.

Many are manipulated by their partners into committing crimes, don’t be that person.

You don’t buy a needed shirt for you, you buy an expensive dress for your girl. Its good to have surprises for your partner, if you can afford it.

If you are a student don’t neglect your studies for a boyfriend or girlfriend, a good education is always with you.

Never, ever, be the other woman, or other man. Cheating is wrong and many people will be hurt, including you. If he cheats to be with you, he will cheat on you.

Some think they can leave their families, job, and identity to start a new life with someone, without considering how risky and immature this might be.

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