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7 Things to NEVER Say to Your Husband

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7 Things to NEVER Say to Your Husband

One of the best things about marriage is that you can say anything and everything that you want to say to your husband. However, is it really a wise idea to say everything to your husband? Fact is that sometimes ugly truth comes out in a hurtful way if you don’t watch your mouth. Even though what you say may be logical it has to be said in a manner which is not harsh and does not hurt your husband’s feelings. There are things to never say to your husband. Everyone has some problem or other but couples should learn the skill of speaking kindly.

Following are some samples of things you might say that can be worked on:

You’re just like your father:

Saying this to your husband should be avoided as this may be his fear, that the worst traits of his family are exhibited by him. Instead of comparing him with his father, you can go directly to your point. If your father-in-law does not value time and is often late and you think your husband also does this, explain the importance of time management to him affectionately instead of criticizing.

When are you going to find a new job:

First, why do you want him to find a new job? Is it the amount of time that he spends away from home that bothers you or do you think that he can do better in his career? Be clear about your thinking before you say anything that might hurt him. A man evaluates himself by the way he takes care of his family and insulting him in such a sensitive area is not a good idea. The solution is to talk about your issues with him then find solutions together that both of you can work toward.

Should You Really Tell Him Everything?

My mother warned me you would do this


This is the last thing he would like to hear from you. You would probably say this when you are infuriated but by saying this you are letting him know that there are others on your side. This can also feel like a breach of the sanctity of marriage, to discuss perceived failings to others. Come directly to the point you are trying to make instead of informing him what others think.

Just leave it, I will do it myself


This can hurt your husband in two ways: First it raises questions about your husband’s elemental need to be a provider, supporter, and capable person in the house, while conveying to your husband that his efforts are sub-par.

“You always …….” Or “You Never…..”

Its advisable for couples to drop these phrases from their vocabulary, using them sets a negative tone, stops communication, and forces the other person to be defensive.

Oh! We have to hang out with him again


If he has any friend whose company is not comfortable for you, don’t force him to leave his friend, instead let him spend time with his friend and you can do something you want to do, or compromise.

Please watch the kids. Don’t be careless, don’t do this


A new mom is often nervous and tends to be over-cautious in terms of her child. Just be a little careful while trying to instruct your husband as he should not feel that you know everything and he knows nothing, it’s his child too.

7 Things to NEVER Say to Your Husband
By Positivemed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

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