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8 Natural Ways to Stay Awake

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8 Natural Ways to Stay Awake

Natural Ways to Stay Awake
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

Eating an apple

An apple a day keeps your drowsiness away. According to some surveys, apples work better than coffee to keep you awake. Proper nutrients and healthy diet contribute to healthy sleep and helps avoid daytime sleepiness.

Power Nap

Taking a power nap on your break is a good idea to avoid sleepiness. A 2006 study at the Harry S. Truman Veterans Administration Hospital found a nap of 10-30 minutes helps restore alertness and increases productivity. If your nap is longer than 30 minutes its more likely to cause inertia and less productivity.


Taking a shower can be a good idea to stay awake for those who are sleep-deprived. As per a survey almost 59 percent of men and 64.4 percent of women surveyed had baths to fight sleepiness. You can wash your face with cold water or take a shower.

Keep yourself hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration makes you feel sluggish and perform inefficiently. After a night’s sleep when your body feels dehydrated, having a glass of water in the morning helps restore hydration helping avoid sleepiness.

8 Natural Ways to Stay Awake

Regulate your sleeping schedule

Regulate your sleeping schedule if you want to fight sleepiness. Going to bed at the same time every night is important if you want to stay alert in your working hours. Avoid staying up too late on weekends as this will hamper your sleep and your efficiency on Monday. Once your schedule is disturbed it can disturb your entire week.

Listening to Music

Music is a good way to fight sleepiness and keep your mood fresh. It can temporarily help you stay alert and avoid drowsiness. As per a study, sleep deprived auto drivers who turned on their radios before they started their cars felt much better and accident rates were drastically reduced.


Exercising in the morning is a perfect way to help combat drowsiness, it keeps you alert and helps improve the quality of your sleep. The researchers at UKK institute for Health Promotion Research in Finland stated that menopausal women who are bothered by hot flashes and suffer from daytime sleepiness sleep better if they start exercising in the morning.

Switch On your Lights

Rooms with dim lights increase sleepiness. When you feel sleepy and you want to be alert turn on the lights and see instant results. It will reduce the heaviness of your eyes and keep you alert.

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