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10 Ways to Boost Willpower

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10 Ways to Boost Willpower

10 Ways to Boost Willpower


Meditation is one of the best techniques to gain self control and improve will power. Practicing meditation daily builds the areas of the brain that control emotions and regulate decision making. One study found 8 weeks of meditation brings measurable changes in the brain areas associated with memory and self esteem.

Quality Sleep

A good 6-8 hour sleep is important for proper decision making. In a study conducted on healthy adults it was found that those who slept for more than 5 hours regularly had more logical decision making skills.

Eat Regularly

Blood glucose levels drop when we skip a meal. This impairs the areas of brain that control self restraint. Research has shown that exerting willpower reduces glucose levels, if we skip a meal the problem increases.

Laugh More

Laughter is a healer and relaxant, it increases the supply of oxygen to the lungs and regulates the production of endorphins, which gives a feeling of euphoria.

10 Ways to Boost Willpower

Stay in Touch

Stay in touch with your friends and family who lift you up when you’re down. People who know about your plans and want to see you stick to your commitments will give you reasons to keep working towards your goal.

Remember your goals

Willpower is required to achieve any goal, if you feel your willpower weakening remember your goals.

Look up to your role model

Think about what you want to achieve and who should be your role model. Keep in mind what they have accomplished and what you can do in time.

Analyze yourself

Analyze your action and ask yourself what can be made better. Avoid making excuses to yourself, if you have failed in the past learn from your mistakes.

Reward yourself

Always reward yourself when you do something good. Rewarding yourself will keep your morale up and motivate you to try harder. It will keep you moving and strengthen your willpower.

Put it in writing

Keep track of your progress and write the steps you have taken toward your goal. Doing this will help you see that the journey is progressing and your goals are not far.

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