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10 Surprising ‘People’ Foods your Dog Can Eat

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10 Surprising 'People' Foods your Dog Can Eat

10 Surprising ‘People’ Foods your Dog Can Eat
By Positivemed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

Carob is a chocolate substitute, it contains vitamins and minerals and, most importantly, does not contain caffeine or theobromine. It also contains fiber and pectin which are good for your dog’s health.

Peanut butter
Whether dogs can eat peanut butter or not is a question that remains on many dog owner’s minds. The truth is, dogs can eat peanut butter without worry. The quantity should be monitored and controlled because it can lead to an overweight dog if given to excess.

Dogs can eat pears safely, but keep in mind the seeds of pears can be toxic to canines, if you want to share with your dog cut it up and feed the pieces to your dog and toss the core.

Popcorn is little tricky. It’s ok to give your dog a bowl of popcorn as long as its plain. Once you load it with butter and salt it’s a lot less healthy for canines.

10 Surprising 'People' Foods your Dog Can Eat

Fruit salad
There are many fruits that are sweet, delicious, and healthy for dogs, like strawberries, blueberries, apples, and cantaloupe. Mix all these fruits together in a pleasing fruit salad and present it to your dog. Never include grapes though.

Tuna is a classic cat snack, however many dogs like it too. Its a healthy option with protein, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Yes, dogs can eat pasta. Any variety of pasta is healthy for dogs. It’s essential to hold the commercial pasta sauce as these are usually acidic and too much sugar and salt. Pasta is nothing more than flour, water, and sometimes eggs, all of which are safe for dogs.

Peppermint is safe and can be used as an ingredient if you bake your own homemade dog biscuits. It freshens up you dog’s breath and relaxes the tummy.

Pretzels are as good as popcorn so feel free to consider it for your dog’s snack. They are healthy for dogs as it is essentially just bread. Just like popcorn unsalted pretzels are much better.

Zucchini’s potassium, folate and vitamin content make it healthy for you and your dog. No part of this vegetable is toxic for canines. Go ahead and feed without fear.

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