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15 Essential things you Should Always have in Your Car

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15 Essential things you Should Always have in Your Car

1. Driver Licence

The first and most important thing you need to carry is your driver licence. You must have all the important and essential driving papers, such as title and insurance with you.

2. Water Bottles

It is quite essential to have a couple of 1 liter bottles of water in your car so that if you are stuck in a traffic jam or in a situation where you can’t get out of your car, you have enough water to support your body.

3. Some Dry Snacks

It’s a good idea to keep some snacks such as energy bars or granola bars that can provide the energy requirements to keep your strength up and avoid starvation. Keeping fresh fruits or deli meat might not be a very good idea for long term storage.

4. An Automobile Fix-it Guide

In situations where a simple breakdown has stopped your journey, this guide acts like a life saving remedy. Sometimes waiting for AAA or a tow truck takes much longer than you think, and you’ll have to pay more than what you imagine.

5. Tool Kit

Picking a carry bag is the first step towards creating your own kit. Make sure you do not forget to add basic tools like screwdriver and hammer to avoid any hassle while you are having a hard time changing your tire or dealing with some other parts of your car.

6. Warm Clothing

While you are out in the nature, it’s always a good idea to have extra clothing in your car. Warm and waterproof are the buzzwords here. These cloths help you in retaining heat and repel water. Adding a shirt and pair of sweatpants is also a good idea.

15 Essential things you Should Always have in Your Car

7. Flashlight

You can choose between conventional battery operated flashlights or go for more advanced emergency units that do not depend on batteries. Most of such products are multitaskers featuring radios, glass breaking hammer tips, seat belt cutters and cell phone charging.

8. First aid box.

Most new vehicles come from the factory with a basic first-aid kit already installed, but there are plenty of basic first-aid solutions for older vehicles. To start off take up a waterproof storage bag and add things such as sterile dressings, 4-by-4-inch nonadhesive bandages, gauze, anti-bacterial ointment and an irrigation syringe.

9. Tow rope

A tow rope is also one of the must carry things in your car. It can get you out of a jam before you have to cozy up in that snowdrift.

10. Maps

A lot of cars do come with GPS installed already however for those who are not so tech savvy and like to stick to traditional approach, a map book of the state you are in or an atlas will do the trick.

11. Portable Battery Charger

A lot of electronic items in your car require a battery to meet their power requirements. Therefore keeping a portable battery charger will help you in charging up these batteries if they are dead. I had one of these chargers in my car and it helped us during the blackout after hurricane Sandy.

12. Multipurpose Knife.

A multipurpose or a Swiss knife which provides various functions can be very useful especially when you are travelling with kids.

13. Fire Extinguisher.

To stop something that could turn into a true disaster, a fire extinguisher plays an important role. So if you are stuck in an accident and a small fire is acting as a threat, you are capable enough to handle the situation.

14.. Tissue Box.

Tissues (Napins) have become an essential part of our daily life to keep ourselves clean and hygienic.

15. Car Perfume.

In recapturing the new car smell, perfume plays an important role. It takes a couple of seconds to apply and refresh your mood thereby making your ride enjoyable. You would not want your car to smell bad especially when you are on a ride with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

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