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10 Warning Signs of Hepatitis B Infection You Should NEVER Ignore!

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Hepatitis B Infection You Should NEVER Ignore!

10 Signs of Hepatitis B Infection

Hepatitis B infection is a very infectious liver disease. A blood test will show if you have hepatitis B. Also an early diagnosis of hepatitis B will help protect your liver from further aggressive damage. Here is a list of the top symptoms and signs of hepatitis B infection:

1. If you had a closeness with a person who has hepatitis B infection:
It’s important to know that oral contact can transmit the hepatitis B virus too.

2. If you are feeling sick to your stomach or vomiting: Also if you have stomach pain or an unexplained abnormal liver enzyme test you might have hepatitis B.

3. If you have HIV:

10% of people diagnosed with HIV are also infected with hepatitis B or hepatitis C.

4. If you use needles that aren’t sterile: It could vary from dental work, medical procedures, tattooing, body piercing, also injected drugs, for the Virus to be transmitted.


13 years ago in the United States, there were close to 22,000 acute hepatitis B and 78,000 new hepatitis B virus (HBV) infections, an estimated 29% of these cases were in former inmates.

6. Men who have contact with men: hepatitis B is most common among men who have closeness with other men and can have potentially serious long-term effects.

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7. If you received kidney dialysis in the past.

8. If you had an organ transplant or take medications that suppress the immune system, such as anti-rejection medications, you are at a higher risk of hepatitis B infection.

9.Pregnant women:

this is the most common way the virus is passed on is from an infected mother to her baby, 9 out of 10 infants,30 out of 100 children younger than age 5 are unable to clear HBV from their bodies and become chronically infected.

10. If you have any of the following physical symptoms: Jaundice, this means yellowish eyes and skin it shows only after other symptoms have started to go away, Skin rash, muscle, and/or joint pain.

10 signs of Hepatitis B Infection

[Last Updated on June 8th, 2014]

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