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What does your tea say about you?

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What does your tea say about you?

After reading this you may be more careful while choosing your tea, see below for what you can translate about your personality with your regular tea choice.

If you choose Black tea, you probably are a simple person with simple needs. You know that our time on this planet is short and shouldn’t be wasted mixing flowers and herbs to flavor what is essentially hot water. You go straight to the point, point-blank.

Green tea makes you think of yourself as being health conscious and alternative. You also like to take care of yourself, although is important that you know that you might have been caught up in ‘The Great Green Tea Craze of 2005’ and now you’re too scared to ask for anything else. Life is full of alternatives, go wild, ask for anything you want, they’ll all make you pee anyway.

What does your tea say about you?

If you choose White tea often, you’re a trend setter. You used to drink Green tea until it became the “cool” thing to drink, a little bit mainstream probably, unfortunately for you white is about to become the new “green tea”, maybe is time for you to move onto Mother-of-Pearl tea.

English breakfast could mean you’re constantly disappointed that your tea doesn’t taste more like eggs, bacon and black pudding.

If you’re the kind of person that only drinks Chamomile tea, I bet you wish you had the ability to breathe underwater and do a cartwheel down a hill at top speed.

Earl Grey tea, could mean you’re a fine and delicate person, maybe you expect that your drink will be delivered to you in a fine bone china cup on a delicate saucer and that, should it not be to your liking, hurling it at a wall is a perfectly reasonable response.
Finally if you desist of any tea and go for the traditional hot water and lemon, you could identify with the tea equivalent of a decaf coffee drinker and in future you will most likely not be told if someone is putting the kettle on as you’re deemed unworthy of a place in the tea run.

So, be careful the next time you order your tea, someone could be listening, remember not to take things so seriously life is about enjoying every moment.

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