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The Proper Way for Your Plate to Look

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If you are planning on starting a balanced diet, which is one of the best decisions you can make, you should start on your daily plate and how it should be measured, divide it to make it easier for you:
First of all, colors, it is very important that your plate is filled with many natural colors, which means a lot of natural nutrients and minerals, fill up 50% of your plate with tasty green leaves and veggies which provide less calories and more nutrients. Here we give you this infographic about The proper way for plate to look.

how your plate should look

Then fill no more than ¼ of your plate with whole grain or legumes, which are a good source of fiber that will make you feel full and satisfied, they also help you clean your inner organs such as the colon, liver, and bowels.
Finish with no more than the remaining ¼ of the plate with lean protein, which provides healthy fats and also helps to prevent diabetes or any similar disease or symptom, since it helps you to take the edge off hunger and can speed up your weight loss, which, in turn can lower your blood sugar level.

Infographic by OneMedical.com

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