Think Twice Before You Eat Fast “Food!”

Think Twice Before You Eat Fast “Food!”

This article will make you think twice about eating fast food, Ibrahim Lango, a 19 year old from Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom, found a piece of what they believe to be a kidney, which looked more like a human brain, in his Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Think twice before you eat Fast food

It has been known for a while that KFC ingredients as long with many other fast food industries come from questionable sources. In this case it was a little more extreme than usual, the British 19 year old, Ibrahim Lango, acquired a “Gladiator” at one of the restaurants, and when he took one of the pieces he found something different in its texture, which he later described as “a horrible foreign body crumpled.”
As if this weren’t enough the customer complained to the staff but had no answer at all, until he took a picture of the evidence and posted it on the Internet. The company later responded to his posts, that it was probably a kidney, not a brain as he thought it was.
He affirms he will never eat in a fast food restaurant after this, and I assure you I won’t either. I hope this article shows you the real face behind the colorful advertising of these “food” industries.

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  1. its not a kidney or brain fatass…if you ever happen to cut a chicken, u vl see the inner side of the chicken rib, towards the lower half have these wierd brownish organ..don't know what its is, but we generally remove it away before cooking..i find these in kfc chickne many times..have some sense before you blindly comment..__/___.