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5 healthy filling foods

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5 healthy filling foods

You know that unstoppable hungry feeling, no matter what you eat you still feel hungry? Maybe you are eating the wrong elements, next time take a few deep breaths and choose one of the following full-filling foods:

1: Whole Grain Oatmeal, especially steel-cut:

A bowl of warm hunger-killing fiber is the perfect way to start your day with a boost of energy that will keep you on the run and completely satisfied.


2: Cottage Cheese:

This much touted diet food has the perfect balance of fat, carbs and protein that will fill you up, no doubt about it. Try it with fresh fruit or granola and taste its delicious texture and lightness. I like mine with onions and peppers.

cottage cheese

3: Nuts

Pistachios, pecans, almonds, walnuts, pepitas, or cashews contain healthy unsaturated fat combined with protein to help keep you satisfied, eat a handful to stop the craving , but do not over-eat them, even though they have many health benefits, they also have high-caloric value, sstick to suggested serving size, usually 1/4 cup, or a handful


4: Quinoa

One cup can contribute enough fiber and protein to balance your body and keep you full for a long time, it is the perfect substitute for white rice and it has much more health benefits than empty calorie rice. It can be prepared salty or sweet.


5: Beans

These small kidney shaped grains are a powerful source of fiber, and a healthy choice for your heart and wallet. But the fiber found in beans means they take longer to digest, so drink a lot of water every time you eat beans to boost your metabolism.


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