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Preserving Lemons

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Preserving Lemons


Are you planning to start your preserving projects? Here are some ideas to help you start, with some cool ideas on how to preserve the distinctive sour taste of lemon juice.

lemon preserving

Lemon Marmalade;

A thick, pretty golden spread that is bursting with flavor and full of deliciously chewy, candied lemon rind. Follow any recipe you want, although I recommend, healthier results, instead of adding sugar, add honey or stevia.

Lemon sugar;

For sprinkling it over yogurt, poached fruit and pancakes, as well as baking it into delicate cakes and soft shortbread cookies.
It is really simple to prepare, all you need to do is add 1 cup of sugar per lemon, zesting the citrus right into the bowl of sugar. Massage the zest and the sugar together until combined, then spread it on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet.
Place in a very slow (150F) oven for about 10 minutes or until the zest has dried. Cool, then crumble the lemon sugar in your hands until it is free of lumps.

Preserved Lemons

Lemon Infused Vodka;

This is just a quick infusion of three lemons, quartered, and covered in about a cup of vodka.
As simple as that, let it sits for a month and enjoy! (add sugar or stevia if wanted)

Salt-Preserved Lemons;

A small burst of flavor into pastas, salads, fish plates and appetizers.
Preserving lemons in salt is so simple, cut small lemons into sixths,  drop a few spices into the jar, and then layer the lemons with kosher salt. Apply a tight-fitting lid and shake the jar once or twice a day, to encourage the juices to flow.

lemon preserving

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