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Top 10 Healthy Snack Ideas

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Top 10 Healthy Snack Ideas

Top 10 truly healthy snacks so neither you won´t feel hungry or regret!

Three square meals a day is all well and good, but we all sometimes need a little something in between, but there is no need to buy all the 100-cal snack pack but full of ingredients we can hardly spell,
here are some real-food-snacks ideas that will boost our energy and without piling on the calories!

1. Sliced tomato with a sprinkle of feta and olive oil


2. Banana and it comes naturally prepackaged goodness you can take anywhere, with the added benefit of cramp-preventing potassium.


3. Protein-packed Edamames (measured shelled).


4. Ants on a log, Spread some peanut butter on celery and add a few raisins.

ants on a log

5. Hummus and Carrot/Celery Sticks, Hummus is best when you make it yourself using chickpeas.


6. Nuts: a protein nutrient filled snack.


7. Cherry Tomatoes: nature’s super-food.

cherry tomato

8. Raspberries with 2 Tbsp Plain Yogurt and 1 tsp Honey.


9. Dark Chocolate, containing at least 70 per cent cocoa solids is a good source of antioxidants — particularly flavonoids, which are the type that are found in green tea and red wine.


10. And finally and my favorite one, a homemade smoothie, which contains the pulp of the fruit and not just the juice, and provides you with fiber plus a whole array of vitamins and minerals.


Healthy snacking improves overall health, curbs cravings, fights weight gain, regulates mood, boosts brain power and gives you the energy you need to keep going all day!!

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