7 Steps to Healthy Skin

7 Steps to Healthy Skin

[Last Updated: July 28th 2013]

Who does not want brighter, cleaner, more even skin? The cosmetics industry makes a lot of money trying to improve our looks, if you have a good foundation it makes it much easier. Your skin is the first indication of how you feel on the inside, and how you take care of yourself. So here are 7 helpful hints for glowing beautiful skin, I hope you are already doing some of them!

7 steps to healthy skin

  1. Drink 8 glasses of water daily
  2. Eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables
  3. Sleep 8 hours per night
  4. Exercise 3 times per week
  5. Reduce your daily stress
  6. Use Proper sun blockers
  7. Practice facial exercises 3 times per week