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10 Things To Tell Yourself Today

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10 Things To Tell Yourself Today

10 Things To Tell Yourself Today

We all get down at times. Life can be hard on us. Work, family, relationships all prove trying. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the negativity.

So, is there anything that can be done? Well, yes, we can take control of our minds. We must fight back against the negative thoughts and images that only serve to increase depression. Positive thoughts, in contrast, make us stronger. We experience the things that we tend to dwell upon. Think positive and life will become the bed of roses you always wanted it to be.

1. “I am the Best.”
You have to believe in your abilities.

2. “I am in Control.”
Destiny is in your hands.

3. “I Learn From My Mistakes.”
To err is human, winners make adjustments.

4. “I am Wealthy.”
True wealth is not just financial.

5. “I am a Survivor.”
You have made it through many things. Congratulations.

6. “I Have All I Need to Survive.”
You can do it by yourself if need be.

7. “I Do Not Know How to Quit.”
Never let yourself give up in the face of adversity.

8. “I am Lovable.”
There is something in you that somebody loves.

9. “I Cannot Fail.”
You will make mistakes, but only quitting means failure.

10. “The World is Mine.”
Never be overly aggressive; however, never allow others to take advantage.

10 things for yourself

Here are some several gems that are really helpful too
-For those who want to get started changing their reality, here are ten things to say to yourself daily.
-The reality is that good things often take time. Just know that you are making positive strides towards success every day.
-Never wait to begin making a change in life. Do it now rather than put it off for the inevitable tomorrow.
-The future is bright for those who keep working hard.
-Never look down on yourself. You are beautiful, inside and out.
-Always appreciate the things you have in life.
-Understand that you may not have started out with much but that only means an endless potential for growth.
-Never dwell on things from the past that cannot be changed. Accept them, then move on.
-Find your passion and embrace it.
-All humans have value.
-Just as in sports, it is never over until it is officially over. As long as you are alive, you have time to improve things.

The Time to Start Changing Things is Now
It is important to take action immediately. Start changing your thoughts now to give yourself as much time to enjoy life as possible. Are you ready?

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