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Stress and Heart Attack

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Stress and Heart Attack

Stress not only harms our mental health, decisions and happiness, but it also has irreversible negative effects on different organs of the body; and stress is considered as the basic cause of more than 60% of all our illness and disease. Now a new review by researchers at the University College London shows that those with stressful and straining jobs have an overall 23 percent increased risk of heart attack. The research is based on the data obtained from over 200,000 Europeans from 1985 to 2006 and also shows that there’s an increase in the risk of diabetes in women with more stressful jobs. If you want to reduce your stress, check out some techniques here.

Here’s the list of the most stressful jobs (2012) according to Careercast.com:

  • Enlisted Soldier
    Airline Pilot
    Military General
    Police Officer
    Event Coordinator
    Public Relations Executive
    Corporate Executive (Senior)
    Taxi Driver

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