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A natural remedy for depression: Exercise

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A natural remedy for depression: Exercise

By Nima Shei MD, MS

Chances are we have taken a prescription drug at some point in our lives. Nearly half of Americans take a prescription drug right now. The sad part of the story is that the most prescribed pills in the United States are antidepressants.

Now here is the good news: We don’t need to rely on heavily advertised pills to stay away from depression. There’re some very simple and natural remedies for depression too. As we’ve published before, some foods are mood-boosters that fight against depression.
Exercise can improve mood and lessen symptoms in people with mild to moderate depression. So exercise has gradually become an effective natural alternative to the numerous antidepressant treatments.

For example , a study in UT Southwestern suggests that aerobic exercise for 30 minutes, 3-5 days a week may reduce the symptoms of mild to moderate depression similar to taking antidepressant treatment.

In another study in Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, researches showed that higher levels of exercise lessens panic attacks in people with anxiety disorders. People with anxiety disorder, have high anxiety sensitivity and react more rigorously to surrounding stress.

I should emphasize that these studies are performed on people with mild to moderate depression. So to be on the safe side, always listen to your doctor’s advice!


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