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To allergy sufferers: Puffy eye remedies

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To allergy sufferers: Puffy eye remedies

This commentary is from NewJerseyNewsroom.com

How to avoid puffy eyes? Well, you need not worry, I am not going to tell you to stop partying or to stop eating certain foods. Although I should probably point out that doing this might help. No, today’s column is just some of my simple tips and tricks of dealing with those puffy eyes if you wake up in the morning and are faced with them. It seems to be a frequently asked question and with the holidays coming up I thought this might be timely.

Men and women alike can use these tips. We all suffer from allergies, sleepless nights, too much work and eating the wrong kinds of foods at times. So print out these nifty little tricks and remember the next time you wake up with puffy eyes try one of them.

Allergy Season
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* Tablespoons. This is simply amazing how great it works. Run the back of the tablespoon under ice cold water, place on your puffy eyes (all you need is 30 seconds on each eye). This works so great, I recommend you carry a tablespoon in your bag or briefcase.

* Freezer. OK, I know you can’t carry a freezer around; but if you wake up with puffy eyes or a puffy face from overdoing it the night before (or OK, I know, allergies) simply open your freezer door and stick your head in it for 30 seconds. Just don’t allow anyone near you who might have a gripe with you.

* Hemorrhoid cream. Well I guess this is versatile isn’t it? Yes a layer of hemorrhoid cream placed on the puffiness will soon have you looking perky again.

* Cucumbers, two slices of cucumber placed on the eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. Yes, this really does reduce puffiness.

* White eyeliner. I love this trick. I carry white eyeliner all the time. Place white eyeliner inside the eye and it will instantly make you look bright eyed and bushy tailed.

* Green tea and black tea. Besides all the other great benefits they contain fluoride and phenols which prevents plaque from forming on the teeth. After you’re done drinking the tea, squeeze out any excess liquid and use the cool tea bag in fact, take about 15 minutes (you must lay down for this) and place one tea bag on each eye to refresh your eyes. You can also run the bag all over your face to refresh yourself.

We all at some point suffer from puffy eyes. I would like to say that my favorite tip is the tea bag. This seems to have the best result for a longer period of time, at least in my own personal experience. Green tea is so beneficial, it is extraordinary for hair, skin, nails. It is full of antioxidants and gives such a boost to our metabolism.

In fact when I travel, I always make sure that I carry tea bags and white eyeliner with me. I must point out, in a pinch, when short on time the spoon trick also works very, very well.

One important point to leave you with: try sleeping on a satin pillow case. This nifty little trick should help reduce puffiness while you sleep and at least not be so harsh on your skin as you age. What kind of fabric you place your face on really does matter while you sleep.

I hope these tips help you throughout the holidays and remember folks, eating right and not over drinking is the best way to prevent puffiness.

Oh yeah, and a decent night’s sleep doesn’t hurt either. Have a fabulous, healthy day!

Vicky DeRosa is Founder and CEO of Studio V Health Corp. For more information check out www.studiovhealth.com

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