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Madalin Giorgetta Gave Up Cardio To Build Her Butt With These Exercises

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Madalin Giorgetta Gave Up Cardio To Build Her Butt With These Exercises

Madalin Giorgetta’s unfailing journey to weight loss started two years ago. She gave up doing cardio and invested all of her time in strength training and her efforts have yielded the results she expected. Madalin is currently a personal trainer in Australia and currently boasts of more than 435,000 followers on Instagram. She crafts gym guides that are easy to follow for every woman who wants to become an expert in the gym. This means she is conversant with exercises to enhance your glutes and strengthen the muscles below your waistline.

Madalin Giorgetta

Maddy shared her daily routine in the gym stating that she focuses on training her lower body thrice a week. When it comes to cardio, she doesn’t perform any forced workouts but she instead walks her dog Mimi on a daily basis. Maddy isn’t a fan of the treadmill at all. And how has she managed to achieve her weight loss goals? Let’s have a look at what her exercises look like.

Leg Day

Monday is the leg day for Maddy, and she spends her time working on building her strength by ensuring that she sticks in proper form and technique. Some of her favorite exercises include split squats, Romanian deadlifts, and the leg press machine. According to her, these types of basic exercises strengthen the muscles in your booty and legs. She insists that you must perform them if your goal is booty gains.

Booty Day

Maddy says that her favorite day of the week happens to be the booty day. Stating that this is her preferred superset, she notes that she also feels a great burn when performing her workouts. The exercises include:

  • Three sets of resistance band glute bridges with dumbbell involving 25 reps per set.
  • Three sets of resistance single leg hip thrusts of 12 reps per set

Maddy says there is no need of moving off the floor and you can perform these workouts at home. This makes it a convenient workout for everyone. She recommends that beginners should start working out these exercises with a 30-pound dumbbell.



Strength Day

Admitting that she is quite obsessed with growing her lower body, Maddy’s strength days mainly focus on her legs and butt. She explained that strength days are when you start working on a five rep range. She notes that at first, you will notice that your strength increases exponentially. Maddy started at 65-pound hip thrust and she currently manages 245 pounds at ease. Her go-to moves involve hip thrusts, deadlifts, and squats.

Maddy Involves a Personal Trainer

Despite the fact that Maddy is a personal trainer, she still engages her personal trainer. Perhaps this is what really helps her achieve a perfect form and safely increase her weights whenever she likes it. She reckons that she has learned so much from involving a personal trainer.

Final Thought

If your goal is to build your own strength, you should grab something from Maddy’s plan and stick to movements such as split squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts. You don’t have to start working with heavy weights immediately, but a barbell or dumbbells can keep you moving. Your booty should continue growing as you build up your strength.

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