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The Best Types of Marijuana for Cooking Edibles

The Best Types of Marijuana for Cooking Edibles.

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What do you expect to see when you first walk into a dispensary in San Francisco? Shelves upon shelves of bud-filled jars? Clouds of THC-rich water vapor diffusing into the air? Perhaps you envision a budtender giving you a demonstration of the latest product on the market, whether it is a bong, handheld inhaler or portable vaporizer?

The Best Types of Marijuana for Cooking Edibles.

Whatever mental image is in your mind right now, remember that a medical/recreational marijuana dispensary will welcome consumers from all walks of life. Not every single customer is going to be on the hunt for buds and/or tools that they can utilize for smoking and/or vaporizing. Inhalation aside, the many methods of marijuana consumption encompass raw cannabis, oils, tinctures, and liver-metabolizing cannabis edibles.

A marijuana user’s chosen delivery method should be dependent on certain factors, like:

• Age
• Medical requirements (if any)
• Recreational expectations (if any)
• Desired effect

Since each type of marijuana ingestion will have a unique effect on the body, you ought to research thoroughly. In doing so, you can make a decision that best suits your circumstances, before you let the waft of weed hit you right in the face at a local dispensary!

On that note, take a moment to enlighten yourself on cannabis edibles and their influence on the brain’s cannabinoid receptors.

How does cannabis ingestion affect the body?

Even if you have the same strain of cannabis and use it for a variety of consumption methods, the effects will be dissimilar. How do you ask? Well, THC compounds are absorbed by means of a metabolic process when the cannabis is ingested, whether you stir some oil into cake mix or purchase cannabis-infused ingredients.

Effects tend to last longer when consumers ingest their cannabis. The most extreme highs can be experienced with cannabis ingestion, due to the fact THC is delivered to the brain directly after traveling through the stomach. If you cook with CBD-rich marijuana, you can avoid a head-high feeling and instead, experience swift relief from whatever ailment you are using medical marijuana to treat.

Is ingestion a safe method of marijuana consumption?

A budtender at a San Francisco dispensary will tell you everything you need to know about cannabis edibles. Go ahead and ask them about the safest method of consumption and they will likely advise edibles over smoking. Rather than exposing your respiratory system to chemicals and toxic smoke with inhalation, you can treat your taste buds to a flavorful strain of cannabis. Remember to focus on the dosage and stick to the recipe, especially if you plan on getting “baked”!

Who would benefit from ingesting cannabis in the form of edibles?

Parents with children who may refuse alternative methods of medical marijuana consumption can enjoy the convenience that edibles offer. One prime example of cannabis ingestion working wonders for a young patient is Joey Hester-Perez – a young autistic boy who was cured of behavioral problems and anorexia when his mother baked cannabis-infused edibles for him one day.

Non-smokers would also benefit, as would experienced smokers who want an alternative and more intense high. A discretionary option, cannabis edibles can be incorporated into traditional dishes. The more you experiment with recipes, the better your cooking skills will get.

What types of edibles can I infuse with dry buds and/or concentrates?

Do you plan on using dry cannabis for your edibles? If so, retain the flavor and potency by storing the buds inside an airtight container prior to cooking. Conversely, medicate with a concentrated oil for smooth and powerful infusions.

Here are just a few ideas that we recommend mixing up from day-to-day or week-to-week as a way of keeping the menu at your household as exciting as possible:

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• Cannabis butter (Cannabutter)
• Cannabis granola
• Cannabis salad cream
• Cannabis marinated steak
• Cannabis baked goods, e.g. cookies, brownies, and cakes.

The Best Cannabis Strains for High-Purity Edibles

Sativa or Indica? Sticky or dry? Leaves or buds? There are so many variables to consider when you are making high-purity cannabis edibles. In the end, the choice you make depends on you.

However, the following five cannabis strains for edibles are a welcome addition to any kitchen:


Brought to the world by Amsterdam-based cannabis brand, Dutch Passion Seeds, this marijuana strain for edibles is a 90% Indica strain.


Not for the faint-hearted, this hybrid strain is a blend of Afghani Indica and Mexican/Thai Sativa. Mix the piney buds into your recipes for some mind-altering enjoyment.

Bubba Kush

Cultivated in L.A., this Indica Hybrid is pleasing to the palate and is favored for its sedative effects. Coffee, chocolate, and hashish combine to give the strain its delightful taste.

Blue Dream

This 60% Sativa-40% Indica strain shares the genetics of Super Silver Haze. It originated in California and contains up to 24% THC.

White Widow

Energizing and delicious, White Widow is the perfect marijuana strain for inducing a good night’s sleep.

Considerations When Cooking and Ingesting Cannabis

Ideally, you should begin cooking and ingesting cannabis edibles with 5 mg of THC/CBD. As time passes, you can determine whether or not you would like to increase the dosage, based on your personal recreational and/or medical needs. Listen to your body and avoid eating edibles on an empty stomach. Stick to strains with 10% (or less) THC if you aren’t a seasoned smoker. Should you be planning on buying pre-infused edible products, try and stick to one brand for consistency.

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