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3 Reasons to Replace Your Mattress

3 Reasons to Replace Your Mattress

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There are certain items in our home that are easy to replace and others that take more thought and care. Your mattress is one of them. Mattresses are important because this is where we sleep a good chunk of our 24 hour day and enjoy the company of our significant other.

3 Reasons to Replace Your Mattress

They are not cheap either so before you run out and buy the first thing you see we highly recommend you do your research by checking out reviews like this one from The Sleep Judge on memory foam mattresses.

Still, first things first. We need to find out if it’s time to replace yours in the first place. Experts say that the standard length to own a mattress is every 8 to 10 years but this is a suggestion, not a rule. Here are three reasons we think might mean it’s time to buy a new mattress.

It’s old

Your mattress may be 10 years old, it may be younger, or it may be 25 years old. It doesn’t matter. What matters is if your mattress is showing signs of wear and tear. Let’s take a look.

Creak creak

Do the springs in your innerspring mattress make a ton of noise when you sit on it, or when you toss and turn in the night? This is one sign of needing a new mattress. Creaking could also mean that the box spring needs replacing but it could easily be your mattress.

It looks old

Are there stains everywhere and lumps or misshapen areas? This is another sign that your mattress is old. Your mattress may have some rips in it too. You know what old looks like. If you look at your mattress and you think, “Yeah. It’s ancient” then it’s time to replace it.

Mites and Allergies

Dust mites love to live in mattresses. So do dead skin cells, hair and dander from your pets, and mildew or mold from the damp towels left on it after a shower. These types of issues can build up over time and cause problems with your breathing. If you suffer from allergies you might be surprised at how many of your symptoms ease after buying a new mattress.

2. It’s causing you pain

This old mattress with it’s lumps, bumps, and creaky coils could be harming you in more ways than sleepless nights. It could be costing a lot of money between medications, copays, and lost work. Do you wake up with a back, neck, shoulder, or hip pain? Maybe you suffer from a combination of these joint pains. Maybe you have a pain in every area we mentioned.

The Mattress Is Part of the Problem

If this is the case you need to replace your mattress. We do not know you’re specific situation but odds are, if you are suffering from some type of back pain, then the mattress you are sleeping on is either causing that pain or adding to it. Unless you just replaced your mattress, consider getting a new one if you are in pain when you wake up.

Of course, a blog post should never take the place of professional medical advice. If you are having persistent pains we suggest you see a doctor.

3. It has bed bugs

Bed bugs are a nuisance and anyone can get them. It doesn’t matter how clean your home is or how messy. In fact, a lot of folks who reported having bed bugs found that they got them from traveling. Below are some signs of possible bed bug infestation.

Don’t Scratch That Itch

Bedbugs like to feed off of us when we are sleeping and then run back to their little hiding places in our mattresses. If you find that you have a series of red dots on your body then you might possibly have bed bugs. Fleas can bite as well and might be a possibility if you have any pets but those tend to gravitate toward the ankles.

Polka Dots

Not the good kind that is found on a cool tie or pretty dress. These are made of blood. Your blood in fact. Bedbugs feed on our blood so it’s not surprising that some get left behind on your pillows and sheets.

Leave It Behind

Other signs that bed bugs have made a home in your mattress are eggshells and dark rust spots in the corners and creases. Depending on how much you find will give you an idea of how bad the problem is. Another thing bed bugs leave behind is a musty smell which comes from their sweat glands.

What do you do?

If you have any of these problems and suspect bed bugs then we suggest calling in a professional but, if the bill is going to run you a great deal of money you may want to consider purchasing a new mattress. There are several home remedies you can try like vacuuming, washing all your sheets and pillowcases but to be honest, bed bugs are stubborn.

Your best bet, if bed bugs are your problem, just starts new if you can and purchase a new mattress.

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