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What’s It REALLY Like To Be In A Coma? Former Patients Describe Their Chilling Experiences

Whats It Really Like To Be In A Coma Former Patients Describe Their Chilling Experiences

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Unless you have been a victim, you don’t know what it feels like to be in a coma. In fact, you are clueless. Not even the medical researchers from all corners of the world have been able to unearth the mystery behind this near-death experience. Let’s take a look at some weird experiences shared by former coma patients.

Whats It Really Like To Be In A Coma Former Patients Describe Their Chilling Experiences

1. A Long Dream

Imagine being in a very long dream that you can remember very clearly. It all starts like a nightmare where chucky dolls with knives are chasing you and want to kill you. Suddenly, the dream changes and Jesus comes to your rescue. He asks you if you would like to accompany him to heaven. Your family is there surrounding and are all sad because you want to leave them. You are in total confusion but finally, opt to go to heaven. Jesus smiles at you and says, “It’s not your turn.” He then disappears into the sky and you are there very upset. You suddenly wake up and realize that 3 months have passed.

2. Talk With God

You are cruising on a highway with your long-time friend and an accident happen. Unfortunately, some of your friend dies instantly but you are lucky to survive. Regrettably, you fall into a coma due to brain trauma. For two weeks in a coma, the only thing you can remember is how you went to the “other side” and spoke to God. God says, “Your room isn’t ready. I still got something for you to do.” From that day, you develop a feeling that you can never be normal again. You are convinced that there is no way you can die for two weeks and then come back to normal. Something must be amiss. This is the story of Tracy Morgan, a comedian.

3. Fantasy World

When Stephanie Savage was in a coma for six weeks, she woke up with unshaken faith. This was despite her many fantasy dreams. She could dream about a Big Wheel-type tricycle that churned ice cream; she dreamed being a polar bear cub; she dreamed snippets of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”; she dreamed of being bothered by people who shined lights in her eyes. On waking, she just wished she could go back to sleep and continue dreaming. Savage tosses off such lines as “The reason I didn’t see dead relatives is I don’t believe in life after death. . . . I did, however, dream of ice cream.”

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4. Medical Miracle Rebukes Death

Some coma experiences can be life-changing to the least we can expect. When Dr. Eben Alexander III went into a coma for 7 days in 2008, he woke up a totally different person. Just while doctors were weighing the possibility of terminating treatment, his eyes popped open. His recovery is by all accounts of a medical miracle. But he believes that the real miracle lies elsewhere. He journeyed beyond this life and met an angelic being who led him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. It’s at this place he spoke with the Divine of the universe itself. Before the journey, Alexander could not reconcile his neuroscience knowledge with any belief in heaven, God, or the soul. Today, he believes that the true health is achievable only when we realize that God and the soul are real and that death is not the end of existence. It’s is simply a transition into another life.

5. Forgotten Life

She went into a coma for weeks and endured brain damage following an accident. Fortunately, brave Liz Sykes made it through and vowed to survive. She became totally disoriented and her life was turned upside down. She couldn’t recall where she was or her way back home. Her memory was totally wiped when she woke up from the coma. She couldn’t talk or walk and everything had to be relearned. Even after spending 11 months in special centers, Liz still suffers from short-term memory loss and her confidence in some areas. Her recovery efforts have however won her some awards as the most determined learner.


It appears that people who fall into a coma have their own unique experiences. Some report strong memories, visions, and dreams from the time they are in a coma. We can’t tell the steps someone’s mind experiences as they wake up from a coma. They may appear to still be in a coma when about to wake up and some are partially aware of their surroundings then. Most people perhaps remember things that never happened.

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