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Some Basic Chest Exercises that might be Beneficial

Some Basic Chest Exercises that might be Beneficial

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The pectoral or chest muscle is actually a single large muscle, and not two different muscles as thought of before. There are different parts in this muscle and each part has a special name, but all of them form one single large muscle. If you are someone who wants huge chest muscles or pectoral muscles, then you should definitely read what we have said about chest exercises and workout sessions in this article. So read on to find out more.

Some Basic Chest Exercises that might be Beneficial

Any kind of chest exercise you take part in or perform is sure to put pressure and stress on your pectoral muscles, which helps them to grow and expand. These exercises exert pressure from different angles, which makes the results even more impressive. Lifting free weights and dumb bells instead of using resistance machines at the gym is a much better option if you want the best possible results. Machines usually come with the drawback of a limited range amount, which ultimately leads to disappointing results and serious injuries. Although the best possible and accurate lifting technique is required when you are lifting free weights, they are still a much better option than machines. You must always remember that for the purpose of adequately applying stress and pressure on your pectoral muscles, isolating your workout regime to flys and bench presses with free weights. There are other things to do as well. Let’s find out about them.

The exercises we will talk about today, require one thing from you – that you make it a point to work on the complete motion range, and squeeze your pectoral muscles purposely during every action or movement, as well as lower the weights you are lifting to increase the level of resistance that promotes growth of the fibers in the muscles in the chest. You must always remember to work with a spotter as you will be lifting heavy weights for proper muscle development and you will require some form of assistance. Doing 8 repetitions of 3 to 4 sets will make sure that you get the best possible results.

When you work on a flat bench, you will be putting more emphasis on your lower chest, whereas when you work on an inclined bench, your upper chest will be affected and growth will be induced. In case of dumbbell flys, you must work with a dumbbell set and a flat bench to get the best possible results. You need to sit right at the edge of the flat bench, carrying one dumbbell in each hand. Then you need to lie down with your face up, keep the dumbbells close to your chest and extend your arms to life the dumbbells. Make sure to raise your arms in an angle which separates them, so as to put the maximum amount of pressure on your chest or pectoral muscles. Do this up down motion with dumbbells at least 8 times in each set, and at least three to four sets on a daily basis.

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