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4 Types of Headaches That Signal About Health Issues

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4 Types of Headaches That Signal About Health Issues

4 Types of Headaches That Signal About Health Issues

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Headaches are the most commonly complained about ailments, and people experience them at least once in their lives or even daily. There are many different types of headaches. Many factors determine not only headaches as a symptom, but fervently highlight underlying conditions. Essentially, head pain is the symptom of another issue, either minor or severe. Thankfully, this symptom is treatable in a multitude of effective ways, including the four most common headaches that signal greater health issues.

4 Types of Headaches That Signal About Health Issues

Temporomandibular Joint Headaches or Disorders (TMJ or TMD)

If you have ever opened your mouth only to experience a clicking sensation, you might have the condition known as TMJ. Though this is a condition, it is greatly affiliated with headaches that affect the cheeks, temples, shoulders, the neck, and even the ears. Often caused by grinding the teeth throughout the day or night or by simply containing a jaw abnormality, these headaches are as common as they are diagnosed and treated.

Typically, professionals will recommend wearing a mouthguard when you sleep and to be mindful of any teeth clenching throughout the day. However, TMJ headaches are most often the cause of stress, so partaking in activities that reduce your overall stress level, like yoga, routine stretching, and walking, is essential.


Often leaving the frontal face in discomfort are sinus headaches; they are often misdiagnosed as a migraine as well. The cheeks, eyes, and forehead are often sore to the touch with these headaches, and the causes are common allergies, infections, and sinusitis. The failure to treat sinus infections can have devastating, potentially fatal consequences, so it is best to visit a doctor when you have chronic sinus headaches.

Consuming adequate vitamin C helps ward off infections; warm water opens the sinuses and helps dissipate concentrated congestion. Of course, plenty of fluids lessen the thickness of congestion and reduces inflammation. Orange or lemon tea are a great means to combine all three perspective cures.


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It seems counterintuitive to experience a neck headache, but they are fairly common. Often referred to as being a cervicogenic headache, due to the fact that this is a secondary headache that results from neck and joint issues, this ailment is often the result of spinal cord pain, stress, poor posture, or even slipped discs in the upper neck.

Luckily, this ailment is cured by discovering the source of the problem and fixing it accordingly. Neck pain is recurrently caused by stiffness and stress, so maintaining an erect posture, sleeping with a supportive pillow or mattress, and reducing your overall stress levels should abate the issue, thus abolishing the headache.


Over thirty-seven million people suffer from migraines annually, making them an incredibly common ailment. Despite their commonality, they are fairly difficult to treat, as they are a chronic condition as opposed to a simple symptom.

Of all the symptoms associated with migraines, the most familiar tend to be debilitating pain, light and sound sensitivity, confusion, dizziness, numbness or tingling of the face, and even nausea. Throbbing pain tends to affect isolated portions of the head and face as well. Despite the severity of these symptoms, professionals have a difficult time determining their cause, due to the fact that a vast array of issues result in this condition.

Alas, it is suggested to combat this ailment with diets rich in B vitamins-especially B12-fatty acids, potassium, and magnesium. Cardiovascular exercise is said to ward off these chronic headaches, due to the increase in circulation and removal of toxins from the body that ensues. Living a life with little stress is said to be crucial; acupuncture is effective to alleviate the pressure associated with this ailment in extreme cases as well.

Conclusively, most of the types of headaches are more stressful than they are painful. People tend to dislike not knowing why they are feeling a particular way, but understanding the types of headaches, how to abate or prevent them, and being mindful of what you are doing to bring about these ailments are all crucial factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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