8 Signs of Teen Depression You Shouldn’t Ignore

6. Your teen has low self-esteem.

This is very common with teenagers, but if there is self-hatred involved, it is more likely linked to depression. If somebody is feeling worthless and not just self-conscious, this is a more serious issue.

7. Your child is misbehaving.

There is a difference between the typical teenage rebellion and high-risk behavior. Drinking, drugs, and other risky behavior that is done without the consideration of consequences may be a sign of depression. This is especially true if it has a sudden onset and your teen is going to extremes.

8. Your teen voices self-harm.

During depression teenagers are talking to themselves or they hear voices, or they talk to imaginary people. This one should always be taken seriously and as a sure sign of depression.

If your teen is showing some of these signs, there are things you can do as a parent to help resolve the situation. Be a good listener when your teen is discussing problems they may be having and be sure to talk to your teen about their feelings.

Don’t try to fix all of their problems, but instead, guide them to working through their problems themselves. If you feel like you are making no progress, suggest a professional therapist help the child has another outlet.

It is important to know what to expect when having a teenager. While some behaviors are perfectly normal, some become too extreme and can show that your child is suffering. Engage with your child often to be able to look out for these signs.