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This Instagram-Blogger Describes His 2-Weeks Tea Detox

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This Instagram-Blogger Describes His 2-Weeks Tea Detox

This Instagram-Blogger Describes His 2-Weeks Tea Detox

As a working mom, your personal time seems to reduce each day. You no longer have a chance to do morning runs, weekly yoga or visit the gym on the weekends. Sadly, you can feel gaining extra pounds, and not forgetting the amount of toxins accumulating in your body, resulting from unhealthy eating at the office. You should try a tea detox program. Detox can be through medical procedures using machines that clean out the body or by natural ways such as detox teas, as demonstrated by Justin Caba, a popular Instagram-Blogger.

a popular Instagram-Blogger

It is impossible to take tea detox seriously without understanding the harmful effects of toxins to the body. Toxins can loosely be defined as chemicals in our environment that we take into the body in water, food or through other means. Such toxins are the leading cause of cancer.

The Environmental Protection Agency lists up to 687 chemical toxins winding up in the body that could cause cancer. It is important to detox during spring and summer when the weather conditions are conducive for the body. Winter is by far the worst. You always feel hungry and take frequent bathroom breaks. Detox may just accelerate the problem.

Benefits of Detox
The detox process has several advantages. It cleans out the colon to enable proper bowel movements. Most people take time in the bathroom and not for the good reasons. Poor bowel movements results in hemorrhoids which are very painful.

Some people never seem to improve in health, despite numerous healthy diets. Their intestines are clogged preventing proper nutrient absorption. Detox teas empty out the pipes to open up nutrient intake systems. They also help avoid diseases such as colon cancer. A detox regiment requires a scheduled system to give the body routine and also program the mind to avoid forgetting.

As Justin found out, the market has several detox tea products. He picked Higher Detox Teas after checking out the products listed on the back of the pack. According to him, it ensures your detox tea does not contain products you are allergic to or those you don’t like.

He started by taking a cup each morning with two teaspoons of the Higher Detox Tea blend for 14 days. The body maintains optimum health through nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. The latter happens in the form of egestion and urination. Detox teas do not work miracles; instead they work by improving the toxin removal systems in the body. The Higher Detox Tea had several impacts on his body including frequent bowel movements and urination.


Higher Tea Detox
The higher detox tea contains mainly caffeine and Senna; two ingredients that contribute to toxin elimination and weight loss. Just like caffeine in coffee, in detox teas, it causes loss of appetite. Justin did not willingly eat as much as he always did.

This Instagram-Blogger Describes His 2-Weeks Tea Detox

The caffeine also enables proper bowel movement by triggering the process that the body uses to get rid of waste. The process involves the contraction of muscles along the digestive tract. In 14 days, Justin had lost 4 pounds through his trial detox plan.

Senna, on the other hand, mimics the effects of roughage in the body to enable proper bowel movement. Products with Senna should not be used for long to avoid cases of abdominal pain and persistent diarrhea. Products such as peppermint, caraway, and fennel are other ingredients in the higher detox teas. They reduce gas build up in the digestive system. Ginger, also present in the detox teas reduces appetite which contributed substantially to Justin’s weight loss.

Dealing with side effects
Caffeine alters sleep patterns, which is why people assume it causes insomnia. It temporarily raises the body’s metabolism, which in turn, inhibits sleep hormones. To avoid such situations, Justin took his detox tea in the morning before leaving for work.

Any product with caffeine should be consumed early in the morning or a long time before any meal. It causes a bloating feeling which becomes worse after eating gaseous foods. During the two weeks detox period, he was forced to cut out coffee and other synthetic beverages. It was not easy as he says since he was used to three cups a day. A week before the trial tea detox, Justin had researched on the right foods to eat during the detox. He mostly took vegetables and fruit juices.

Detox teas will work as they did for Justin in two weeks. However, they cannot be made a lifestyle. Having healthy dietary habits is important. Contrary to popular belief, detox is not a starvation method. In fact, you should have solid meals accompanying the detox teas. The catch is to observe a healthy diet by avoiding too much sugar and fats at the time of detox.

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