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7 Different Kisses and Their Hidden Meanings

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7 Different Kisses and Their Hidden Meanings

7 Different Kisses and Their Hidden Meanings

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Kissing is an important aspect of romance and relationships. Both men and women use it to test out the compatibility of a potential partner and often discover that kisses reveal a lot.

These small signs of kisses can signal anything from friendly, platonic appreciation to a deeper, more intense attraction, but how are we supposed to know which it is?


It turns out, there’s a lot to be learned through this language of the lips if you pay attention. Let’s take a look at seven different types of kissing and the meaning behind them.

Cheek Kiss: This is a sign of affection that can signal anything from friendly companionship to romantic interest. A kiss on the cheek at the end of a date signals intrigue and shows that the person enjoyed your company. A woman will often show receptiveness to this type of kiss by subtly learning her face toward you.

To add extra meaning to this display of affection, place your hands around the person’s neck or on their shoulders.

Forehead Kiss: This could be something a friend does to comfort you in times of distress, but if a person who has also kissed you in more intimate ways gives you a peck on the forehead, it’s safe to assume that the attraction is developing to a deeper level.

A forehead kiss in addition to kisses on the mouth means that this person is developing strong feelings about a romantic partnership. This particular act shows that the provider of the kiss feels a certain level of protectiveness over you and cares deeply for you.

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Earlobe Kiss: An earlobe kiss is a distinctly $exual gesture. The ears are very sensitive parts of the body reserved for intimate partners. Friends do not kiss each other’s earlobes typically, so if a romantic interest of yours does this to you, you can safely assume they are strongly attracted.

French Kiss: Obviously reserved for people you are attracted to, the french kiss is one of the most sexual gestures possible. This signals closeness along with a touch of sensual intimacy.

Moving to open mouthed french kissing is something you reserve only for people you are immensely drawn to, who you would like to get more serious with, whether emotionally or physically.

French kissing is not something that should be rushed, but rather pursued gradually, with close attention paid to the signals of your partner and how they react to simple, close-mouthed kisses first.

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Eskimo Kiss: An Eskimo kiss is performed by rubbing your nose against another person’s. This goes beyond a friendly gesture and signals serious affection. Someone will only do this if they are completely unambiguous about their partner.

This act shows that someone is attracted to you in more than a platonic or $exual way. Long-term romantic partners often use this to show their love, but if a newer partner does it to you, it could mean they envision you as a potential serious mate.

Surprise Kiss: If someone surprises you with a kiss, it’s safe to assume that they feel comfortable with you. This isn’t something people would do with someone they are unsure about or still feeling out as a mate. A surprise kiss signifies a spontaneous burst of affection and means that someone finds you irresistibly appealing.

Light and Lingering Kiss: While french kissing shows strong attraction, light and lingering lip kisses signal sweet and gentle lovingness.

If your partner kisses you gently on the lips, they care enough to take their time, express their affection thoughtfully, and make you feel cherished. This is only something you do with someone you’ve had on your mind a lot, as it takes deliberation and intention instead of being rushed.


Kissing is never done without some type of meaning or intention. Now that we’ve decoded a few different types of kissing for you, you should be well on your way to reading the hidden signs of romance and learning more about the one you care about.


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