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Find Your TRUE Love According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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Find Your TRUE Love According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Find Your TRUE Love According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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Are you weary of choosing incompatible partners? Perhaps you’re involved with someone but feel ambivalent about the future. Finding the ideal mate requires risks, but you can improve the likelihood of success. It involves taking a revealing test, the Myers-Briggs. Here’s an overview of this reliable tool that helps people find true love.



The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a questionnaire that examines how people view the world and form decisions. The test is based on the work of Dr. Carl Jung, a psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology. Dr. Jung designed four personality models, based on the ways people experience the world. Researchers Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers took Dr. Jung’s theory and added their insights. Together, they created a tool for identifying one’s personality.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
The MBTI is a test that categorizes people into 16 personality types, based on four ways they relate to others. Each trait is represented by the first letter of its corresponding word:

  • E – Extroverted – preferring to focus on the outer world
  • I – Introverted – tending to focus on one’s inner world
  • S – Sensing – accepting basic information
  • N – Intuitive – interpreting information and adding meaning
  • T – Thinking – basing decisions on logic
  • F – Feeling – basing decisions on emotions
  • J – Judging – being critical
  • P – Perceiving – being open-minded

The four qualities that comprise your personality from a letter code. Once you’ve cracked the code for yourself, you can find the type of person with whom you’re most compatible.

MBTI Assessment

The MBTI test is given by certified professionals trained to interpret the results. Administrators are educated in human development or psychology. They may be employed as therapists, counselors, coaches, and consultants. After giving the test, they evaluate the outcome and provide feedback. This service involves a fee, ranging from $40-$150.

To simplify the process of obtaining your personality type below is a shortcut. Each explanation includes the kind of mate that best suits you, based on the fact that opposites attract.

Opposites Attract Romance

When it comes to love, we tend to gravitate toward potential mates with opposing character traits. We do this for two reasons:




1. It’s exciting.
2. They complete us.

People who differ from us have strengths we’re missing. When we bond with them, we become balanced. Functioning as a couple, we complement each other.

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Similarities Promote Friendship

However, this isn’t the case for other types of relationships. We seek people with similar viewpoints and interests. Our interactions tend to be more harmonious with folks like ourselves. This is why we choose friends and co-workers who mirror our values and qualities.

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MBTI Personality Types – Which One Are You?

ENFP – The Champion

Cheerful and effervescent, your enthusiasm is infectious. Your actions are powered by high ideals. You lead by example, inspiring people to fulfill their potential. Warm and considerate, you’re driven by a desire to meet others’ needs. Perceptive and peace-loving, you strive for solutions where everyone wins. Your optimism and energy will be well-appreciated by an INTJ or INFJ, an introverted intuitive.

INTJ – The Architect

You approach the quest for love with logic and careful thought. You excel at listening. An ardent problem-solver, you’re always looking for ways to improve your work, home, and yourself. You’re capable and confident, easily shrugging off criticism and conflict. You prefer associating with other intellectuals and shy away from emotional and unpredictable types. However, your ideal partner is sensitive, in tune with their feelings. Hook up with an ENFP or ENTP, a person who’s extroverted and intuitive.

ENTP – The Visionary

Innovative and inspired, you accomplish the seemingly impossible. Self-improvement and growth are personal goals, which you pursue with zeal. You have outstanding communication skills and are very affectionate. Charming and friendly, people find your company delightful. Since you’re easygoing and flexible, you get along well with others. You’re most compatible with an INFJ or INTJ, an introverted mate who’s intuitive.

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INTP – The Innovator

You wait for dates to make the first move. You’re fascinated by design and how things work. Possessing an imaginative, creative mind, your life is quite exciting. Analytic and observant, you seek to understand the mysteries of life. Since you’re rather reserved with people, you have a small circle of friends. Yet, you’re very affectionate within the realm of these close relationships. Your love is pure and innocent, like a child’s. Your significant other should be an ENTJ or ESTJ, a person dominated by extroverted thinking.

ENTJ – The Leader

You invest much effort and enthusiasm in relationships. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, you view life as a learning experience. Possessing excellent communication skills, you’re a natural leader. You hold yourself and others to high standards. Integrity and fairness guide your decisions. You’re genuinely interested in what others think and tend to be sentimental. Your ideal partner is an introverted thinker, an INTP or ISTP.

ISTJ – The Organizer

Although shyness makes dating a challenge, once you find your soulmate, you’re resolutely faithful. You’ll do whatever it takes to make a loving relationship work. Your ideal lifestyle involves having a family and assuming a traditional role at home. Responsible and trustworthy, you’re always true to your word. Neatness and order govern your actions. Your perfect match is an extroverted, sensing mate. Align yourself with an ESFP or ESTP.

ESTP – The Dynamo

Fun-loving and friendly, you make the most of each moment. You love being busy. Witty and charming, you’re the life of the party. You take immense pleasure in showering people with gifts. Focused and clear-headed, you step up to the plate when faced with emergencies. Children adore you since you enjoy spending time with them. Your motto is “Live one day at a time.” To complement your personality, seek out an introverted, sensing sort, such as an ISFJ or ISTJ.

ISFJ – The Nurturer

Selfless and dependable, you’re always looking for ways to help others. This stems from your friendly, affectionate nature. An order is very important to you. Since the organization is your strength, you accomplish practical matters with ease. You seek lifelong commitment and a mate who’s likewise loyal and faithful. Your dedicated heart will be cherished by an ESTP or ESFP, an extroverted, sensing type.

Will you pardon my taking a moment here to share with my mom? She’s the quintessential giver. You can awaken her from a deep sleep with an emergency, and she’ll leap out of bed to help you. She never tires of hearing complaints, and always has a remedy at hand. She takes in strangers, going out of her way to help those in need. She’s my best friend and confidant, a bright, shining light. Who’s an ISFJ in your life?

ESFP – The Entertainer

Spontaneous and vivacious, people love being in your company. Highly attuned to your senses, you take great pleasure in nature, animals, and food. You lead a productive life, filled with sports, hobbies, and friends. Practical and down-to-earth, you’re grounded in reality. Generous and kindhearted, you actively seek to make people happy. Your affection and playfulness are best matched by an introverted, sensing mate, such as an ISTJ or ISFJ.

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ISTP – The Craftsperson

Creative and capable, you excel at everything that interests you. You have a knack for practicality, making you a successful problem-solver. Being detail-oriented also helps. Flexible and logical, you easily adapt to challenging situations. You respect others’ needs for privacy. With a keen awareness of your surroundings, you respond quickly during emergencies. Your ingenuity will be appreciated by an ESTJ or ENTJ, an extroverted thinker.

ESTJ – The Guardian

Dedicated and committed, you place a high priority on being responsible. God comes first, a family is second, and friends are third. People know they can count on you for help. Stable and dependable, you excel at taking charge. However, you do so in a friendly, considerate manner. Orderly and organized, you tackle projects systematically. Your protective nature will be well-valued by an ISTP or INTP, an introverted thinker.

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ISFP – The Caretaker

Reserved and private, you approach relationships with caution. You’ll do whatever possible to avoid conflict and discord. Warmhearted and gentle, you easily defer to others. You’re loyal and supportive, with a positive view of life. You like to demonstrate your affection with loving acts. With a natural talent and skill for art, you’re highly attracted to beauty. Your ideal mate is an ESFJ or ENFJ, an extroverted, feeling type.

ENFJ – The Teacher

Affectionate and considerate, you bring out the best in others. Your humor and optimism virtually light up a room. Relationships are an essential part of your life. You’re acutely attuned to human suffering and passionate about relieving it. You’re always striving to make the world a better place. Since teaching comes naturally, you enjoy leading educational activities. You seek a supportive connection with a mate, ideally an INFP or ISFP, with an introverted, feeling nature.

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INFJ – The Counselor

Sensitive and caring, people seek you for advice. You’re adept at solving problems. Your calm exterior hides your inner complexity and emotional intensity. You have a strong, uncompromising belief system. You’re energized by spending quiet time alone. You also seek order and structure. You maintain high personal standards and tend to be a perfectionist. Your ideal complement is an ENTP or ENFP, an extroverted intuitive. Folks, this is me to a “T.”

ESFJ – The Provider

Charismatic and service-minded, others’ happiness is what brings you the greatest joy. Family tops your list of priorities, although you also have many friends. Practical and responsible, you excel at home management. You also have a stellar ability to make people feel good about themselves. You especially enjoy hosting parties. The best gift a partner can offer you is appreciation. Your perfect mate is an ISFP or INFP, with an extroverted, feeling nature.

INFP – The Healer

Compassionate and idealistic, you believe anything is possible. Your comforting presence is healing. People value your accepting, nonjudgmental nature. You tread the path less-traveled, marching to the beat of your own drum. You likewise support others in finding their niche in life. Creative and artistic, you seek outlets for self-expression. You love deeply. Your ideal significant other is an ENFJ or ESFJ, extroverted and feeling.

Follow Your Intuition

What if your dreamboat doesn’t have the ideal code? Follow your gut instincts. Intuition is an inner knowing that’s independent of reasoning. It’s always available to you. You just need to recognize the signs, the red lights and green lights:

Red Lights

  • a sense of imminent danger
  • an inexplicable urgency
  • overwhelming uneasiness

Green Lights

  • peace and contentment
  • a relaxed state of mind
  • situations unfolding with ease

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A Personal Story

I can vouch for the validity of the Myers-Briggs test. I met my husband at the age of 26. Four years into our relationship, we found ourselves frequently butting heads. We each took the test, administered by a certified professional. Blanca told us we were a perfect match. So we entered therapy to work out our differences. It’s now 34 years that we’ve been together.

Here are two things I can confidently tell you:

1. The Myers-Briggs test is reliable.
2. On the path of love, don’t get waylaid by the bumps in the road.

Any two people, willing to compromise and make adjustments, can sustain a loving partnership. In the event your types don’t match, use the Myers-Briggs tool to understand each other. You’ll gain valuable insight toward letting your true love thrive.

Here’s wishing you all the best in your quest for love!


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