This Single Spice Can Cure Your Toothache

This Single Spice Can Cure Your Toothache

How to Apply the Spice

Use only clove oil to treat your toothache. Purchase an oil bottle from the market and insert a cotton swab. Gently rub the swab on your achy gums. Do not use a lot of oil. Only apply enough oil to coat the area with a thin film. It should absorb quickly into the mouth’s mucous membranes. Alternatively, use a small piece of cloth to apply the oil inside the mouth.

Be Aware of Negative Side Effects

Clove oil is a concentrated spice so don’t use a lot of the liquid. Avoid swallowing large quantities of it too. You might experience problems with your respiration or liver when clove oil is ingested in large amounts. If you use the oil on a frequent basis, it’s time to contact a dentist. Clove oil should only be used as a temporary pain-relief measure.

If you’re taking any prescription medications, you should speak to your doctor about clove use before taking it. You want to verify that there are no negative effects if the two substances mix within your body. With your doctor’s approval, cloves for toothaches can help you through an oral issue with little pain involved.