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Pressing THESE Points For 2 Minutes Will Work Miracle To Your Health!

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Pressing THESE Points For 2 Minutes Will Work Miracle To Your Health!

Pressing THESE Points For 2 Minutes Will Work Miracle To Your Health!

Dating back over a thousand years, the Chinese practice of applying pressure to certain points of the body to improve health has seen a resurgence in followers in the last decade. Of course practitioners of this ancient art have always known of its benefits. Yet it is only recently that the trend has caught on among other natural health enthusiasts.

Pressure Points

This practice, known as acupressure is based on the idea that the body is full of life force energy or Chi. This Chi is what sustains life and provides the body with vitality and health. Yet, it is possible for the flow of Chi to become unbalanced. Unbalanced Chi is believed to be the root of all illness and infirmity that has no outside source. The Chinese believe that by restoring the balance and proper flow of Chi is the first step to healing a body and keeping it free of sickness.

Using acupressure is an easy way to work on balancing the flow of Chi at home. Unlike acupuncture, which uses needles in specified areas of the body to affect Chi, acupressure simply uses the fingers to stimulate these same areas and correct Chi flow.

What Acupressure Points is Best?

For beginners, it can be difficult to choose acupressure points to stimulate positive health changes. This is because there are literally hundreds of points on the body that control different aspects of Chi flow. For someone unused to this type of healing, it can be somewhat strenuous on the body to suddenly begin stimulating too many points at once.

In cases like this, choosing points that provide the most benefits overall is key. Points that affect elimination and renewal of the body’s cells are always the best to start with because they will have many positive benefits for the body’s various systems. Points located on the Liver Meridian are the best for energizing and renewing these systems.

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Liver Meridian Points 2 and 4 – Health Miracles in 2 Minutes

Liver meridian point 2, or LV2 is located on the top of the feet between the Big and second toes. To find it, place a finger at the valley of skin that lies between each toe, then slide it down one inch.

This point increases blood flow to the liver, which allows it to do its job of waste elimination better. Improved elimination is responsible for a host of health benefits including:

• The reduction of insomnia

• Improved digestion

• Supports the immune system.

• Improved circulation

Liver meridian point 4, or LV4 is situated two inches above the inner ankle bone of each leg. This point is located within a tight system of muscles, so using the thumb to stimulate it is best because providing enough pressure with other fingers can be difficult on this point.


LV4 is primarily used to prevent the body from reacting too negatively to stress. It can be used to stimulate a positive mood, or to simply cancel out negative emotions. Additionally, because this point is inherently used for its detoxification effects, it makes an excellent hangover cure.

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How to Get Started

Stimulating acupressure points are easy! Simply find the right point, and apply unwavering pressure with the fingers or thumb for about two minutes each day. Most acupressure points are perfectly safe, but there are some which can be dangerous particularly for pregnant women. Those concerned with how acupressure will affect their health should check with a medical professional before starting any treatment.

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