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Lemon Peel Trick That Eliminates Inflammation And Joint Pain

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Lemon Peel Trick That Eliminates Inflammation And Joint Pain

Lemon Peel Trick That Eliminates Inflammation And Joint Pain

Let’s be honest. We don’t know a soul who eats an entire lemon as a fruit, but in combination with herbs and spices and oils, this is an incredible source of flavor. The lemon is intensely sour on its own, and its peel is tough and bitter, but the lemon is still full of healthy benefits all the way down to its last precious, squeezed drop. Science has shown us also, that the peel from the lemon can cure joint pain. Talk about Mother Nature doing her thing!

Lemon Peel Trick That Eliminates Inflammation And Joint Pain

Most folks toss out the peel from a lemon, maybe except for seasoned chefs who like to incorporate the zesty gratings to add a little punch to the menu. It’s the lemon peel that contains more than just the citrus label and Vitamin C. Deep within its tough, spongy shell is a variety of healthy ingredients, like lemon oil, citronella and phellandrene along with acids of citric, formic and magic.

For those who suffer from joint pain, it’s not a pleasant feeling, especially when fingers and knees and ankles swell up, become stiff and sore. It might not be considered an emergency, but joint pain can limit one’s access and mobility. According to the MayoClinic.org, most people develop joint pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia, but the condition can develop from a number of health issues like lupus, Lyme disease and gout.

That is why the brilliant, natural remedy of using a readily available fruit like the lemon and its peel for joint pain, is a welcome thought. Research has found that the antiseptic properties of the lemon peel are quite soothing to joints and actually relax the blood vessels and take away the joint pain.

Studies have found that the best method to extract the most powerful, healing intensity from the lemon peel is to try two techniques. Here is the first recipe using the peels in a bandaged form from the Tribune.com.pk.

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It is advised to use organic lemons, knowing they are protected against pesticides and other chemical substances.

1. Grate the peel of a lemon. Be careful not to include any of the white pith parts.
2. Rub the grated peel directly onto the affected body part and wrap it with a bandage
3. Keep the bandage in place for up to two hours.

The second technique involves a little olive oil:

1. Take the rind of two whole lemons and place them in a jar and fill it with olive oil.
2. Close the jar and let the mixture sit for two weeks.
3. When the mixture is ready for usage, put some of the lemon peel/olive oil cream onto clean gauze and place the gauze onto the affected area.
4. Place a plastic bag over the gauze and a wool scarf over the bag.
5. Perform this procedure in the evening, because the best way to heal the joints is to let this coating take action overnight while you sleep.

Talk about true lemon-aid! These two natural remedies enjoy a huge fan base of people who believe in the excellent, anti-inflammatory benefits of the wondrous lemon peel. For those suffering from joint pain, why not give the lemon peel a shot?

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